CosMedix Simply Brilliant 24/7 Brightening Serum review

An Illuminating Experience: My In-Depth Review of CosMedix’s Simply Brilliant 24/7 Brightening Serum

Unleashing Radiance: My Love Affair with the Simply Brilliant 24/7 Brightening Serum – A Gamechanger in Skincare!
Updated: October 13, 2023

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Have you ever found yourself overwhelmed by the endless options of brightening serums available in the market? You’re not alone. Today, I’ll be shedding light on a product I’ve tried recently – the Simply Brilliant 24/7 Brightening Serum by CosMedix.

I’ll be sharing my personal experiences, how I used it, and delving into the nitty-gritty details of its formula. As someone struggling with dull and uneven skin tone, I found that this product addressed my skin woes effectively.

As a long-time fan of CosMedix’s skincare products, I was thrilled to try this serum out. I hope you find this review helpful in your skincare journey.

Oh, and just a little reminder: This isn’t a sponsored review. My thoughts are as genuine as the radiant glow the serum gave me!

Here’s What You Need to Know About Simply Brilliant 24/7 Brightening Serum

The Simply Brilliant 24/7 Brightening Serum is formulated to brighten dull, uneven skin tones. It’s meant to be applied to the face, specifically in the morning after cleansing.

The product is cruelty-free, which is a big plus for our animal-loving friends. With regular usage, a 30ml bottle should last you about two months. It’s suitable for most skin types, though those with very sensitive skin should patch test first due to the presence of salicylic acid and alcohol.

CosMedix is a reputable brand I’ve come across many times, and I can attest to its popularity and positive reputation. Their products have been recommended to me by friends who swear by their effectiveness. The Simply Brilliant Serum boasts a list of active ingredients including lactic acid, niacinamide, and ferulic acid, which I’ll discuss in more detail later on.

My Hands-On ReviewDoes Simply Brilliant 24/7 Brightening Serum Work?

Let me take you back to a time when I had given up on brightening serums. Past experiences had left me disappointed – promising jars turning into little more than sticky messes on my face. So, you can imagine how I felt when I decided to give the Simply Brilliant 24/7 Brightening Serum a try. It was with a mix of excitement and apprehension, but I was ready to put it to the test.

Every evening, after cleansing, I gently massaged the serum into my skin. A little went a long way, and soon, it became a ritual I looked forward to. I remember the first time I used it – it had been a long day, and my skin was crying out for some pampering. As the silky formula glided onto my skin, I could almost hear a sigh of relief.

And oh, the results! Each morning, I would wake up to brighter, more radiant skin. It was as if the serum worked its magic while I dreamed. The dullness that had become a stubborn constant gradually faded, replaced by a glow that had me reaching for the mirror every chance I got. The compliments started flowing in too. Friends, family, even my yoga instructor, noticed the difference, and my answer was always the same – it was the Simply Brilliant 24/7 Brightening Serum.

That’s not to say the serum is a magical potion without flaws. There were days when my skin felt a tad dry after application, and I had to follow up with a richer moisturizer. The price tag is also on the steeper side, which might not suit everyone’s budget. But, in my humble opinion, the benefits far outweigh these minor niggles.

In the end, the Simply Brilliant 24/7 Brightening Serum did what many others couldn’t – it brightened my skin while keeping it soft and supple. The journey was as wonderful as the destination, and I ended up thoroughly enjoying the experience. The proof was right there on my face, and I couldn’t be happier with the results.

Using Simply Brilliant 24/7 Brightening Serum

The moment I unboxed the Simply Brilliant 24/7 Brightening Serum, I knew I was in for a treat. Holding the stylish silver bottle in my hand, feeling its weight and admiring the golden-colored serum within, I felt like I was holding a promise of better skin days.

I remember thinking how it would make an elegant birthday or anniversary gift. You know, one of those special-occasion treats that you’d give your best friend or sister, and they’d instantly know you’ve splurged on them.

Applying the serum was a sensory delight. As I dispensed a few drops onto my palm, I was met with a texture that was just right – not too thick, not too runny. It had a silky feel that melted into my skin beautifully, making each application feel like a mini spa experience right at home. There was something incredibly soothing about massaging it into my skin, watching it absorb quickly, leaving behind a subtle glow.

I started with a small amount each time, about the size of a pea. Trust me, a little goes a long way with this one. Over time, I found my sweet spot – just enough to cover my face and neck without feeling heavy.

As someone who’s tried and tested countless skincare products, I’ve learned a thing or two about layering them correctly. With the Simply Brilliant 24/7 Brightening Serum, it was clear to me that it was best used after cleansing, on dry skin. This way, the potent ingredients could seep into my skin without any barriers, doing what they do best – brightening and refining my skin.

From the first application to the last drop, using the Simply Brilliant 24/7 Brightening Serum was an absolute pleasure. It felt like a daily indulgence, a small act of self-care that my skin thanked me for. It was not just about the results, but also the experience of using it – the kind of experience that makes your skincare routine less of a chore and more of a joy.


The ingredients of a skincare product are its backbone. They determine its effectiveness and compatibility with your skin. In this section, I’ll be analyzing the ingredients of the Simply Brilliant 24/7 Brightening Serum so you can make an informed decision.

  • Lactic Acid: An alpha-hydroxy acid (AHA) that gently exfoliates the skin, promoting cell turnover and brighter skin. It’s suitable for most skin types, though those with sensitive skin should use it with caution.
  • Niacinamide: Also known as vitamin B3, niacinamide is a powerhouse ingredient. It helps reduce redness, regulate oil production, and even out skin tone. It’s generally suitable for all skin types.
  • Ferulic Acid: A potent antioxidant that fights free radical damage, helps stabilize other antioxidants, and can brighten the skin. It’s generally well-tolerated by all skin types.
  • Salicylic Acid: A beta-hydroxy acid (BHA) that can penetrate into the pores to clear out excess oil and dead skin cells. It’s excellent for oily and acne-prone skin but can be drying or irritating for sensitive skin.
  • Alcohol: Used in skincare for its quick-drying properties and to enhance the penetration of other ingredients. However, it can be drying and irritating for some, especially those with dry or sensitive skin.

Overall, the Simply Brilliant 24/7 Brightening Serum boasts a potent mix of high-quality ingredients known for their skin-enhancing properties.

My Final Thoughts – Would I Recommend It?

There’s no shortage of brightening serums in the market, and the Simply Brilliant 24/7 Brightening Serum was always on my radar.

With its 8.5/10 rating based on my personal experience, I think this serum is definitely worth considering. Its effectiveness, high-quality formula, and CosMedix’s positive reputation all contribute to its high rating.

As a seasoned skincare reviewer, I can confidently say this serum stands out among its peers. I enjoyed using it and appreciated the noticeable improvements in my skin. I would gladly recommend this serum to Speaking Skincare readers.

While it won’t replace my go-to serum, that’s more about my personal preference. I believe many users will love the Simply Brilliant 24/7 Brightening Serum, particularly for its standout ingredients like lactic acid and niacinamide.

Before you jump in, remember that skin care is personal. What works for me might not work for you. So, always patch-test new products, particularly if you have sensitive skin.

You can purchase the Simply Brilliant 24/7 Brightening Serum from CosMedix’s official website or any authorized reseller.

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