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Speaking Skincare aims to bring you the best and most reliable skincare information and advice on the web.

We’re passionate about skin and the products that allow us all to keep our skin healthy.  

We specialize in providing informative blog posts as well as comprehensive product reviews of all your favorite brands.

Have a look around and enjoy your stay!

Our Team

Ariel Vasquez Author Image

Ariel Vasquez

General Manager
Blair Fernandes Author Images

Blair Fernandes

Editorial Director
Anele Debney Author Image

Anele Debney

Assistant General Manager
Emma Harper-Cox Author Image

Emma Harper-Cox

tina wu author image

Tina Wu

Head of Content
John Neil Author Image

John Neil

Senior Writer
Muna El-Sayed Author image

Muna El-Sayed

Staff Writer

How We Do Things Around Here

• Our product review methodology
• Our sponsorship & promotional policy
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