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When To Use Aloe Vera In Your Skincare Routine and Why

Aloe Vera is an amazing natural ingredient that can do wonders for our skin. Here's how to best utilize it in your skincare routine.
Updated: January 23, 2023
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Aloe Vera has long been touted as a highly effective plant that can treat many issues and has a host of benefits. It is also one of the most popular products the world over when it comes to skincare.

But what’s actually the big deal about Aloe Vera gel? What are the advantages of using it, and where in your skincare routine should you include it?

We have the information for you here today. Let’s get to it!

What is Aloe Vera?

Coming from a plant species known as Aloe, which commonly grows in hot and tropical climates, Aloe Vera is a liquid and substance that is extracted from the plant itself. Not only is Aloe Vera used in a wide variety of skincare products, but it has also historically been used medicinally for a collection of ailments.

Aloe Vera is a very versatile substance and can be taken orally as well as used as a gel. When it comes to skincare, Aloe Vera is often compressed into a gel or thick liquid and applied to the surface of the skin for various purposes.

The benefits of Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera gel has a large set of benefits when it is applied to your skin. We have compiled the best and most impressive advantages below. Once you’ve read them, you will definitely understand why Aloe Vera is as desired as it is.

It’s a great moisturizer

What sets Aloe Vera gel apart from other skin moisturizers is the fact it is completely naturally sourced from a plant. While other branded moisturizers may have a long list of added active ingredients, Aloe Vera gel is as pure as you’re probably going to get.

Using Aloe Vera gel as a moisturizer can help the skin stay hydrated by encouraging it to retain more water. This can also help treat patches of dry and rough skin, helping to soothe troublesome areas. Aloe Vera gel can also soften the skin and gradually open up pores, leaving them much more accessible for cleaning. Using Aloe Vera gel to moisturize your skin on a daily basis is something you’ll wish you’d been doing your whole life, so give it a try today!

It slows down aging

The key to an effective anti-aging skincare product is its ability to stimulate the production of collagen and elasticity in the skin. Thankfully, Aloe Vera gel is fantastic at doing those exact things, making it a brilliant option for those who want to reduce and slow down the visual process of skin aging.

Containing beta-carotene, Vitamins C and E, as well as anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties, Aloe Vera gel packs a powerful punch in the fight against lines, wrinkles, and blemishes. This is all super impressive, and we at the office always have Aloe Vera within arm’s reach!

It can treat acne

Acne is a frustrating skin condition that affects millions of people all over the world. It is usually triggered by hormonal changes in the body as we go through puberty, but it can strike anyone at any age for numerous other reasons.

Treating acne can be a bit of a complicated balancing act, but Aloe Vera gel has proven to be a calming and functional tool to subdue the harsher symptoms. With its potent moisturizing and anti-inflammatory qualities, Aloe Vera can significantly reduce redness, itchiness, dryness, and other uncomfortable symptoms of acne.

It soothes irritation

Our skin can be irritated due to many factors.  Whether we have allergies or live in a temperamental climate with fluctuating weather, our skin faces many daily challenges.

Aloe vera gel is excellent at soothing these simple irritations, especially when it comes to itchy eyelids, puffy undereye skin, and general rashes.

It heals skin damage

Many people call Aloe Vera a “wonder plant” or “miraculous”, and it’s understandable why they do. Aloe Vera can speed up skin healing from various forms of damage.

As well as increasing the rate minor cuts and blemishes heal, Aloe Vera gel is particularly efficient at treating burns. Sunburn, as well as 1st and 2nd-degree burns, can be massively aided in the healing process thanks to Aloe Vera gel. This is because the healing ingredients found inside the Aloe Vera are absorbed into the skin at a deeper level than regular water, allowing them to treat the problematic area more directly.

Aloe Vera for your scalp and hair

Aloe Vera isn’t only great for your skin, it can also be hugely beneficial for your hair and scalp too! Here are just some of its amazing qualities.

It aids hair growth

While Aloe Vera isn’t a magical cure for baldness and speeds up hair growth itself, it can help to create the best health conditions to allow strong hair growth in the future.

By rejuvenating the scalp skin cells by gifting them plenty of nutrients and vitamins, Aloe Vera can stimulate blood circulation which encourages healthy skin cell turnover. This allows new hair follicles to grow unimpeded and with strength, giving your hair strands the longevity they require.

It can be used as a conditioner

Regularly applying Aloe Vera gel to your scalp and hair can be an effective way to moisturize the skin cells and follicles. Over time, the Aloe Vera will work to soften and condition the hair, giving it a healthy and glowing finish.

It can help with dandruff

Dandruff, as well as eyebrow dandruff, can be an annoying and sometimes embarrassing problem to deal with. Thankfully, Aloe Vera is excellent at healing damaged skin, reducing excess oil in the scalp, and can mend fungal infections. All of these qualities combined make Aloe Vera incredibly useful in the fight against dandruff.

Where to use Aloe Vera gel in your skincare routine

Now that you know just how great Aloe Vera is and all the advantages it can give, you’re probably wondering when the best time to use it in your daily skincare routine is. Here’s our advice.

Since Aloe Vera has a long list of benefits and uses, you are really spoilt for choice when it comes to incorporating it into your regular skincare routine. For example, Aloe Vera gel can replace your moisturizer near the beginning of your morning routine, as its hydrating and soothing properties make it an excellent option.

Similarly, Aloe Vera gel is very capable of opening pores and cleaning out deep and stubborn dirt. Because of this, especially if you have sensitive skin, Aloe Vera gel can replace harsher exfoliators or scrubs, giving you a stress-free but highly potent cleanse.

Finally, Aloe Vera gel can be a wonderful substitute make-up remover. With its natural and healthy ingredients along with its calming and anti-inflammatory perks, Aloe Vera will comprehensively wash away the day’s makeup and boost the skin at the same time. This would be a fitting option after you get home from work and are preparing to go to bed.


Aloe Vera is a highly versatile and powerful natural ingredient that can be used for many purposes within skin care and hair management. How you decide to use Aloe Vera is up to you, as it can fulfill multiple roles and excel at them.

If you’ve yet to try Aloe Vera, what are you waiting for?! Please give it a go today and reap the fantastic benefits for your skin.

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