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What Is An Emulsion And Should You Be Using It On Your Skin?

Emulsions are widely used in Korean skincare routines, so should you use them too?
Updated: November 8, 2022
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Building a skincare routine usually revolves around popular products such as moisturizers, exfoliators, face masks, and essential oils. However, an item that is steadily growing in popularity is emulsions.

What is an emulsion, what does it do, and is it something you should consider incorporating into your skincare regimen? We took a closer look.

What is an emulsion?

Firstly, just what is an emulsion exactly? To put it simply, emulsions are milky, gel-like moisturizers that have a watery base. They are lighter moisturizers than regular types and aren’t as rich or heavy as typical moisturizing creams. This is good news for people who have naturally oily skin, as thick creams and oils can often add to the problem and leave a slippery, greasy feel effect.

Emulsions are making a big impact in the skincare world and are particularly popular in Asia. Now, more and more people are discovering the brilliant and convenient benefits of emulsions.

The benefits of emulsions on the skin

Okay, so emulsions are a lightweight, milky moisturizer, but what benefits do they actually provide? We have put together some of the biggest advantages you can expect to see when using a good emulsion product below.

Deeper moisturizing power

Yes, regular creamy moisturizers are wonderful for hydrating the skin and helping it to retain water, but emulsions can actually work even better.

This is because emulsions are water-based, and water molecules are easier for the skin to fully absorb due to their small size. Oil molecules in creams are often quite large by comparison, and therefore aren’t as effectively swallowed up by the skin. This allows emulsions to venture deeper into the skin, reaching the lower layers to give a more comprehensive moisturizing effect.

Healthy ingredients

Emulsions are packed with healthy vitamins and nutrients. When used regularly, emulsions can gift your skin with skin-boosting ingredients that will not only improve its appearance but prolong its strength for a longer period of time.

Glowing skin

There’s a reason why the Korean skincare trend is as popular as it is. K-beauty skincare routines spend a lot of time focussing not only on the health of the skin but its glowing and youthful appearance too.

Emulsions are a big part of Korean (and Asian) skincare routines. They are the secret ingredient that adds the gorgeous finishing touches to their skincare regimen. So if you’re wondering why Korean people have such amazing skin, emulsions may help to explain why!

The best time to use an emulsion

This will depend on you as an individual, and everyone will have their own preferences. However, we’d suggest incorporating an emulsion into your skincare routine at a specific point. We believe the best time to use an emulsion is after using a skin toner, but before using a heavier oil-based moisturizer.

Of course, an emulsion can really be used whenever you want throughout the day, and it doesn’t have to be chained to a skincare routine at all. If you’re on a busy commute and are feeling your skin drying out and tightening, a few drops of emulsion massaged into your face can really work absolutely wonders.


Should you use an emulsion in your skincare routine? Yes! Emulsions are super popular in Asian skincare routines, which goes a long way in explaining why people over there have such incredible skin.

If you’re looking for a lighter but more absorbent moisturizer that can improve skin health while giving you a beautiful glow, emulsion might be for you.

Do some experimenting with a well-regarded emulsion and find out for yourself. Good luck!

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