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What Are Skincare “Dupes” and How Do You Find Them?

Are you looking to save a bit of money when putting together your perfect skincare routine? Finding the best dupes is the way to go.
Updated: November 9, 2022
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Putting together an effective daily skincare routine can sometimes get super expensive. With so many skin concerns to treat and endless product choices, our wallets can feel a bit too light at the end of the month.

This is where “dupes” come in. But what are they, and how do you find them?

What are “dupes”?

A dupe, or duplicate, is a skincare product that acts as an alternative to a similar, more expensive option. For example, if you’re looking for facial moisturizers but don’t want to pay the big brand prices, you’ll be able to find a cheaper version that basically uses the same ingredients. Dupes aren’t lacking in quality and haven’t cut any corners during manufacturing, they are perfectly effective skincare products at a more affordable price.

How dupes are defined

There are certain things a product needs to do in order to qualify as a legitimate dupe. Firstly, using the same active ingredients as the “real” product is essential, but it doesn’t stop there. The texture and consistency of the product itself also need to closely match. So if a hand cream is quite rich, the dupe must also be rich and thick. Failure to meet these criteria will exclude the product from being a suitable dupe. Basically, dupes have to be almost indistinguishable from the regular product to fit the bill.

A higher price doesn’t signify quality

Unfortunately, we live in quite a snobbish society, especially when it comes to brands and how people shop. You need to cut through all the noise and social shaming when it comes to dupes because a branded product that costs 3x the price doesn’t at all mean it is 3x better. Most of the time, the skincare industry is defined by clever marketing and brand name recognition. Is a plain white t-shirt from a famous fashion label really that much better than one from a thrift store? This is the attitude you need to adopt to find the best deals.

How do you find dupes?

Admittedly, finding a good dupe product that works for you and your budget is a process of trial and error. You won’t know it until you try it.

However, the internet is a valuable resource for finding effective dupes for your skincare needs. One website we’d wholeheartedly recommend is skindupes.com.

Skindupes is a fantastic resource for people to find the best dupes on the market. It’s an industry-leading platform run by skincare enthusiasts, so you’ll be in good hands. Check them out!

Final word

Don’t be embarrassed about wanting to save a bit of money and opt for cheaper dupes of branded products. The most important thing should be keeping your skin as healthy as possible, not what label is on your body scrub.

Be sure to check out skindupes.com and find the best dupes for your skin today.

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