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What Are Organic Skincare Products and Are They Better?

Are you looking to get back to basics? Going organic with your skincare may be just what you need.
Updated: November 9, 2022
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With so many trends and marketing slogans flying around, sometimes it can be difficult to get a grasp on what’s what in the skincare world.

Organic products are one of the fastest growing areas of skincare, with millions of people choosing to pay a little extra for supposedly better benefits. So let’s have a look at what organic really means and whether it’s worth it.

Here’s what organic means

To put it as simply as possible, organic skincare products are made with completely natural ingredients without the use of chemicals like synthetic pesticides, fertilizers, or herbicides. Much like organic food, these products are free of man-made chemical interference and claim to be better for your health and skin.

The benefits of organic skincare

Sounds good so far, but what are the real tangible benefits to your skin from organic products?

Firstly, the exclusion of hundreds of extra ingredients keeps things beautifully simple. No longer will you need to squint your eyes to try and decipher the insane list of unpronounceable ingredients on the packaging of your face cream. It’s said that the average woman uses about 150 different chemicals on her skin on a daily basis. Do you really want to take the time to learn about each of them and what they do? How do you know your body will react well to them all? It’s confusing and forces you to give a lot of trust in the manufacturing process.

Next, organic products are generally much gentler on your skin. This will reduce the risk of you experiencing various side effects or reactions, as your skin is under a lot less chemical stress. This is particularly useful for people with naturally sensitive skin.

Finally, the environmental impact of using organic products is much less than with traditional cosmetics. Due to the natural ingredients contained inside, when you wash them off your skin and they disappear down the drain they are much less likely to cause pollution or other forms of damage. It feels good to know you’re doing your bit.

Are organic products better than regular products?

Instead of deciding what is “better”, you should figure out what you personally want and need from skincare. Do you have sensitive skin? In that case, you might find organic products much better for your situation. Do you want results quickly? While organic ingredients are natural and good for you, sometimes man-made chemical enhancements can produce the results you desire in a shorter time frame. Organic products cater to a very specific sector of the market, and it’s up to you whether they work better for your lifestyle.

Final word

Organic products are great for many reasons. They are gentler on your skin, they’re sourced more ethically and in an environmentally friendlier way, and they promote getting back to basics with effective natural ingredients.

Give them a try and do some experimentation. You might just find your new favorite thing.

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