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What Are Face Serums and How Do They Work?

Face serums are brilliant at healing and restoring your skin. Here's how they work.
Updated: November 9, 2022
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Facial serums are some of the most popular skincare products in the world today. Millions of people are always looking to reap the rewards that a good serum provides.

But what are face serums and how do they work? One thing is for sure, these little gems are amazing.

What is a face serum?

If you’re looking for a light and sleek skincare maestro, face serum might be what you need. Packing a powerful punch, the serum works to alleviate a wide range of skin concerns such as dryness and visual signs of aging.

Not to be confused with face creams, serums are different because they don’t contain heavy moisturizing elements. The majority of serums are water-based, whereas creams rely more on oils.

How serum works

Containing potent ingredients that include vitamins, nutrients, and retinol, face serums are the go-to option for anti-aging treatments. Once applied, retinol stimulates blood circulation in the skin, encourages the production of collagen, and promotes skin cell turnover to replace dead skin cells. All of these qualities help to fade lines and wrinkles and restore elasticity in the skin, which helps us look youthful.

Additionally, face serum is an essential product to repair skin damage. During a regular day, our skin is bombarded by many stressful factors that can wear it out and cause irritation. One of the main culprits in this area is environmental threats. Pollution, dust, and exposure to sunlight can all damage skin. Thankfully, the serum’s collagen-boosting abilities can do a good job of boosting the overall health and durability of your skin.

Are there any negatives?

This completely depends on your skin type. For most people, serums can work wonders. However, if you suffer from particularly sensitive skin or have conditions like acne, we wouldn’t recommend you use facial serums. The reason for this comes down to the potency of the ingredients. Retinol especially is a strong player that can add to existing irritation if your skin is sensitive to it. We’d suggest opting for a gentle moisturizer or cream if this applies to you.

Final word

Face serums are amazing skincare products that we’d wholeheartedly recommend. If used consistently, your skin will see notable improvements and the appearance of lines and wrinkles will have every chance of diminishing over time.

Always evaluate whether your skin can handle certain ingredients before buying to stay safe and minimize the chances of irritation.

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