Snow Mushroom Serum By Oxygen Botanicals review

Snowflakes and Serums: Oxygen Botanicals’ Snow Mushroom Serum Reviewed

"Those tiny crow's feet that had started making appearances? They seemed softer and less obvious."
Updated: February 12, 2024
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If you’ve ever delved into the fascinating yet overwhelming world of face serums, you’d know that picking one can feel like you’re trapped in a never-ending maze. Every corner you turn, there’s a new, glimmering bottle promising the skin of your dreams. This is precisely why I’m here to shed some light on one specific serum that’s been on everyone’s radar lately: the Snow Mushroom Serum.

Today, I’ll be diving deep into my personal experiences with this product, sharing my ups, downs, and in-betweens. Now, I’ve been on the hunt for a serum that offers deep hydration without the stickiness. Especially, as my face has this annoying habit of drinking up moisture faster than a parched plant in midsummer.

Enter: Oxygen Botanicals’ Snow Mushroom Serum. I’ve always been a fan of Oxygen Botanicals; their products have rarely let me down. In fact, most have been absolute game-changers in my routine. So, naturally, my excitement to try their Snow Mushroom Serum was through the roof.

I genuinely hope this review gives you the insights you’ve been looking for. And just a quick side note: my wallet felt the sting of this purchase, all on its own! No sponsored shenanigans here – all opinions are straight from the heart (or, well, the skin).


The Snow Mushroom Serum is essentially Oxygen Botanicals’ answer to a deeply moisturizing serum, but without the gooey aftermath that we all dread. Meant to be used on the face, it’s a little slice of hydration heaven. And for my animal lovers, the word is still out on its cruelty-free status. Depending on your usage, a bottle should last you a good month or two.

Although designed for dry, oily, and combination skin, those with highly sensitive skin might want to patch-test first.

If you’re unfamiliar with Oxygen Botanicals, they’re a big deal in the skincare arena. I’ve had friends rave about their products countless times. Notably, the serum’s star ingredient is the snow mushroom extract, holding 500 times its weight in water! But, don’t fret; we’ll dive deeper into this ingredient-packed list later on.

Does The Snow Mushroom Serum Work? Here’s What Happened To My Skin

When it comes to face serums, I’ve had my fair share of misadventures – from sticky residues to breakouts that looked like a constellation on my face. So, I won’t deny, I was cautiously optimistic when I first introduced the Snow Mushroom Serum into my nighttime routine. To paint you a picture: I’m usually winding down from a hectic day, my skin screaming for some TLC after being assaulted by office air conditioning, urban pollution, and – let’s be real – my less-than-ideal eating habits.

The first time I used the Snow Mushroom Serum, it was a chilly winter evening. My skin was parched from the cold air outside and the dry heat indoors. Unscrewing the cap, I warmed 1-2 drops between my fingers, gently pressing it into my face and neck. And oh boy, was it a revelation! It felt as if my skin was sipping on a hydrating cocktail. The serum was quickly absorbed, leaving no trace of residue.

Throughout my journey, there were days I’d return from a run, red-faced and sweaty, wondering if the serum would suit my agitated skin. Yet, every time I dabbed it on, it felt like a soothing balm, instantly calming my flushed complexion.

I noticed other changes too. Waking up after a night with the serum felt different. My face had a kind of suppleness, reminiscent of my early twenties (yes, we’re diving deep into personal territory here!). Those tiny crow’s feet that had started making appearances? They seemed softer, less pronounced. It was as if my skin was not just looking better but feeling younger.

But, like all love stories, we had our hiccups. Some nights, when I might’ve gone overboard with my other products, adding the serum felt a tad heavy. And, let’s not forget the initial sting my wallet felt. A luxury? Yes. Worth it? For the most part, absolutely.

To sum it up, using the Snow Mushroom Serum felt like giving my skin a comforting hug – most of the time. It became more than just a product; it was an experience, a nightly ritual I genuinely looked forward to.

How I Used The Snow Mushroom Serum In My Routine

When I first held the Snow Mushroom Serum by Oxygen Botanicals, there was an immediate sense of allure. The bottle itself felt like a little gem, instantly suggesting that what was inside was not your average serum. I couldn’t help but think that this would be a hit if I were gifting it, perhaps for a close friend’s milestone birthday or my sister’s anniversary.

The first time I tried it, I had just returned from a winter walk in the park. My skin felt tight from the chilly wind, craving some hydration. I was curious and excited. I dispensed a few drops into my hand, and the texture immediately struck me; it was silky, almost like liquid velvet.

I gently patted it onto my face, and the coolness was instantly comforting. It felt like my skin was drinking it up, each parched cell quenched and revitalized. The dryness from the winter air? It seemed to vanish. I remember looking in the mirror and thinking, “Is that the same skin I saw half an hour ago?”

One evening, after an indulgent hot bath, I decided to apply a tad more than my usual dose, almost layering it. You know those days when you just want that extra bit of pampering? That was one of those nights. My skin, surprisingly, didn’t feel heavy or overly moist. Instead, it felt plump, like I’d given it a treat.

Having experimented with countless serums over the years, I’ve nailed down a sequence that works best for me. For the Snow Mushroom Serum, I found its sweet spot right after my gentle exfoliant and before my lightweight moisturizer. This allowed it to penetrate deeply while also preparing my skin for the subsequent hydration. It felt like I was sandwiching my skin with goodness.

There were days when I’d wear it under makeup for an early morning meeting, and it gave me this radiant glow – a secret weapon of sorts. And on nights out? It was my trusty base, ensuring my skin looked dewy and fresh, even after hours.

In the myriad of situations I’ve put my skin through, from wintry dryness to post-sun summer evenings, the Snow Mushroom Serum from Oxygen Botanicals consistently emerged as a soothing ally. It felt like every drop was a promise of rejuvenation.

Is Snow Mushroom Serum Worth the Money?

A common question about this product is whether or not it’s actually worth your hard-earned money.

In our opinion, it is worth the money, but there are other brands that offer better value (in terms of effectiveness, price, and size).

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Effective, ethical, AND value for money? That’s exactly what we want to see.


Knowing your ingredients is like reading the map of your skincare journey. Every ingredient has its purpose, potential benefits, and pitfalls. In this section, I’ll be your tour guide, navigating through each component of the Snow Mushroom Serum:

  • WATER: The universal solvent. It forms the base of most skincare products, ensuring a smooth application.
  • PROPANEDIOL: A humectant. It attracts moisture to the skin, ensuring you stay hydrated.
  • GLYCERIN: Another powerful humectant. It’s known for locking in moisture, ensuring long-lasting hydration.
  • SNOW MUSHROOM EXTRACT: The star of the show! Known for its hydration properties, it can hold 500 times its weight in water. Suitable for all skin types.

And so forth. Looking at the entire ingredient list, I’m quite impressed by the high-quality components Oxygen Botanicals has chosen. It’s evident they prioritized skin health.

Would I Recommend It?

The face serum landscape is expansive. But among the vast choices, the Snow Mushroom Serum had always stood out as a potential crown jewel. After intensive testing, I’d rate it a solid 8.5/10. The high rating is a nod to its impressive formula, my results, and Oxygen Botanicals’ reputation.

Would I recommend it to Speaking Skincare readers? Absolutely! However, as with all products, do a patch test and perhaps start slow, especially if you’re new to any of its ingredients.

Looking to snag a bottle? You can find it on Oxygen Botanicals’ official site or leading skincare stores.

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