Hydrating Serum By Bellame Skin Care review

Skincare Bliss: A Review of the Hydrating Serum by Bellame

"I made it a ritual, applying the serum in gentle, upward strokes, loving the instant soothing feeling it provided."
Updated: August 10, 2023

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Skimming the vast array of hydrating serums on the market, one can easily get a touch overwhelmed. So many choices, so many promises. If you’ve found yourself in a sea of bottles, you’re in the right place.

The gem I’m talking about is none other than Bellame’s Hydrating Serum. A heads-up: I’m no stranger to Bellame’s lineup. In fact, most of their products and I are like old friends — they’ve rarely let me down, so my excitement levels were through the roof for this one!

I sincerely hope you find this review enlightening and helpful. And just so you know, this isn’t a sponsored post! 😉 All thoughts and opinions are 100% pure, undiluted Tina.

An Overview

At its heart, the Hydrating Serum is designed to be a guardian against wrinkles, discoloration, and those pesky fine lines. This little gem is meant for your face, delivering a power-packed hydration punch where it’s needed most.

Good news for animal lovers: Bellame values our furry friends and this product is cruelty-free. Given its 40ml size, with regular use, I reckon this will last you a decent amount of time.

Skincare, like outfits, isn’t one-size-fits-all. While this serum is a treat for many, those with certain skin sensitivities might want to patch-test first.

A word about Bellame — if you haven’t been living under a skincare rock, you’ve probably heard of them. They’re pretty popular and come highly recommended by many, including some of my own pals.

The standout? Malachite Extract. A fascinating ingredient with historical ties. But, we’ll dive deeper into ingredients later, promise!

Does Bellame’s Hydrating Serum Work?

Alright, skincare enthusiasts, let’s get personal. Over the years, I’ve tried so many hydrating serums, some of which left me singing their praises, and others? Well, let’s just say they’re now sitting sadly at the back of my beauty drawer. So, naturally, when I got my hands on Bellame’s Hydrating Serum, I was excited but with a pinch of skepticism.

For the past month, every evening after cleansing, I took a moment, standing in front of my mirror, observing my reflection. The texture of the serum was smooth, and just a little dab covered my face. I made it a ritual, applying the serum in gentle, upward strokes, loving the instant soothing feeling it provided. It was like giving my skin a refreshing drink after a long day. And that scent? Subtle but luxurious – kind of like that comforting, faint aroma of clean linen.

During the month, there were nights I came home after a long day in the office with air conditioning harsh enough to dry out a cactus. On such nights, this serum was my sanctuary. It felt like I was locking in all the moisture and my skin was on cloud nine. There were even mornings I woke up after late-night binge-watching sessions expecting tired, dehydrated skin, but nope! My skin greeted the sunrise looking fresh and plump, all thanks to Bellame.

However, the real testament to its power was during my weekend getaway to the mountains. The cold, dry mountain air usually leaves my skin feeling stretched, but this time, I had my trusty Bellame’s Hydrating Serum. Every night, as I applied it, I could feel my skin soaking in all its goodness, a sigh of relief in serum form.

Now, every product has its little quirks. For Bellame, while I loved its hydrating prowess, I do think the product is too expensive. At about $88, it’s a hefty investment and many simply won’t be able to afford it. Also, for those who are super scent-sensitive, even its mild fragrance might be a point of contention.

To sum it up, this experience felt like going on a series of skincare dates, each time finding something new to appreciate. While no product is the mythical unicorn that fits all, Bellame’s Hydrating Serum certainly came close for me. It felt like it truly understood my skin’s needs, responding to different situations and environments with a comforting embrace.

Using Bellame’s Hydrating Serum

Diving into the world of skincare, there’s always that one product that gives off a “this-isn’t-your-typical-item” vibe. When I first held Bellame’s Hydrating Serum, it was evident this wasn’t just another serum in a fancy bottle. The bottle itself felt substantial in my hand, and its design? Elegant and minimalist – it screamed quality.

You know that thrill of receiving a gift on special occasions? That’s the emotion this serum evoked when I first saw it. It wasn’t just another product; it was like a well-thought-out gift from a best friend. In fact, I remember thinking, “This would make for such a beautiful birthday or anniversary present!”

Now, let’s talk about the actual application. The first time I used it was right after a particularly stressful day. My skin was tired and thirsty. As I spread the serum across my face, it felt like a gentle, calming touch, a contrast to the chaos of my day. The cool, smooth texture was soothing, almost like a serene lullaby for my skin, signaling it was time to relax.

Over the weeks, I found my sweet spot: three little drops. Any more, and it felt a tad too much for my liking, but again, that’s me. Perhaps you’re a five-drop kind of person or just a single drop enthusiast.

Having tried and tested countless skincare regimens over the years, I’ve become a self-proclaimed skincare choreographer. With Bellame’s Hydrating Serum, my advice? Use it right after a gentle cleanser and before your moisturizer. Why? Its lightweight formula ensures it penetrates deeply, prepping your skin to absorb all the goodness from the next products in line.

Reflecting on the entire experience, there were moments of surprise, of comfort, and of pure skincare joy. This wasn’t just a routine addition; it was a delightful experience, each application being a memorable chapter in my skincare journey.

Key Ingredients

Let’s face it, when it comes to skincare, ingredients are everything. They’re the secret sauce that determines if a product’s a hit or miss. So, let’s unravel the mystery behind this serum’s formula.

1. Water:

  • Role: It acts as the primary solvent, creating the base for the serum. This allows other ingredients to dissolve and interact, ensuring the product has a uniform consistency.
  • Benefits: A natural and pure hydrator, it helps to deliver other ingredients deeper into the skin.

2. Methyl Gluceth-20:

  • Role: Used in skincare as a humectant.
  • Benefits: It works by drawing moisture from the environment to the skin’s surface. Ideal for dry skin, it helps keep the skin moisturized and reduces the appearance of fine lines.

3. Sodium Hyaluronate Crosspolymer:

  • Role: A derivative of the naturally occurring hyaluronic acid, but designed for longer-lasting effects.
  • Benefits: It’s celebrated for its ability to hold up to 1,000 times its weight in water. By doing so, it hydrates and plumps the skin, minimizing the look of wrinkles. The “crosspolymer” structure means its effects are sustained longer than regular hyaluronic acid.

4. Glycerin:

  • Role: A popular humectant used in a vast array of skincare products.
  • Benefits: Glycerin attracts moisture to the skin, ensuring it stays hydrated. This results in softer, smoother skin. It’s also gentle, making it suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin.

5. Malachite Extract:

  • Role: Derived from the green malachite stone, it’s known for its antioxidant properties.
  • Benefits: This extract detoxifies, providing protection against environmental pollutants. Historically, it was used for its purifying properties, and modern skincare has harnessed this to provide a barrier against free radicals which cause premature aging.

To summarize the ingredient analysis: Bellame’s Hydrating Serum is formulated with a blend of science-backed and natural ingredients. They’ve combined the hydration powerhouses with protective elements to ensure not just moisturized skin, but also skin that’s shielded from daily stresses.

Final Verdict

Navigating the hydrating serum market can be a maze. Bellame’s Hydrating Serum? It was always on my radar. Based on Speaking Skincare’s rating system, I’d give it a solid 8.5/10. Why the high score? It’s the trifecta of tangible results, an impressive formula, and Bellame’s sterling reputation.

I’ve dabbled with my fair share of serums and this one surely stands tall among them. I loved my journey with it — the feel, the results, everything. Speaking Skincare readers, I’d definitely urge you to give it a go.

That said, it hasn’t dethroned my all-time fave. But, that’s purely a Tina thing! I’m pretty sure many of you would absolutely adore it.

My fave ingredient? Definitely the Sodium Hyaluronate Crosspolymer. Super hydrating!

Before diving in, remember — everyone’s skin is unique. Patch-test if you’re unsure and consult with your dermatologist if needed.

Looking to grab a bottle? You can snag it at Bellame’s official website and select retailers!

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