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Rising YouTube Superstar Jonathan Hague Talks Trams, Fame, and Skincare

Jonty has a lot to say, and has a growing audience who wants to hear it! Our exclusive interview shines the spotlight on YouTube's most promising talent.
Updated: March 15, 2024
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In the heart of Sheffield, England, where the shadows of industrial giants loom large, a new kind of star is rising. Meet Jonathan “Jonty” Hague. A beacon of light in a place often overshadowed by struggle. Jonty chose a path lined with positivity. And he’s shining bright.

His journey began in the daily vlogs of a friend, Lee Hoyland. But Jonty quickly became much more than just a guest appearance. His role in the drama series ‘Psychopaths’ won hearts. As an undercover cop, he captivated us all. His talent? Unquestionable. His charm? Irresistible.

Yet, life has its twists. Jonty’s split from the Sheffield Crew was a bump in the road. But, like a true star, he didn’t let it dim his light. Instead, he turned to his own YouTube channels. And boy, did he shine!

With videos that keep you glued, from Supertram tales to snack taste-tests, Jonty’s world is one you want to be part of. But it’s not just about entertainment. His heart is as big as his personality. Volunteering at the British Heart Foundation, he shows us what it means to give back.

And let’s not forget his skin. It’s flawless. Jonty’s not just about looking good. He’s about doing good, especially when it comes to skincare. He’s a man on a mission. A mission to spread joy, share knowledge, and inspire us all to be a little bit more like Jonty.

So, let’s dive into the world of Jonathan “Jonty” Hague. A world where positivity reigns supreme. And where every day is an opportunity to make a difference.

Jonty was also kind enough to answer some questions about his life and goals.

Rising from Sheffield’s Shadows

Sheffield isn’t just steel and industry. It’s a city of stories, and Jonty’s tale is one of the brightest. This city, with its rough edges, has seen better days. Yet, it’s where Jonty found his spark. Growing up here wasn’t easy. Poverty, unemployment, and change challenged the community. But Jonty? He saw a canvas for his dreams.

From a young age, Jonty understood life’s hard knocks. Instead of letting them beat him down, he turned them into stepping stones. Each challenge, a lesson. Each setback, a new start. That’s the spirit of Sheffield in him. Resilient. Unyielding.

His first step into the limelight came through Lee Hoyland’s vlogs. Imagine this: two friends, a camera, and the raw streets of Sheffield. It was magic. Jonty’s natural charisma shone through. He wasn’t just a sidekick; he was a star in the making.

Then came ‘Psychopaths.’ This was no small gig. As an undercover cop, Jonty showed layers of emotion and depth. Viewers were hooked. They saw the tension, the conflict, the heart. Jonty brought the character to life with a realness that was palpable. This wasn’t just acting. It was living the role.

But paths diverge, and so did Jonty’s and the Sheffield Crew’s. The split was tough, sure. Yet, it was also the birth of something new. Jonty didn’t just move on. He soared. Starting his own YouTube channels was his declaration of independence. And we, the viewers, were ready for the ride.

SS: Many fans became aware of you through your excellent performance as the undercover cop in the SC series ‘Psychopaths’. However, you aren’t a member of the SC any longer. What exactly made you decide to leave the SC for good?

Jonty: so decided to leeave sc for good i were that bored same to cold on winter even I got good ideas for psychopaths then Kieron been interrupted me

big lee jonty psychopaths
Personal grievances and creative differences lead to Jonty quitting Psychopaths in an explosive fashion.

SS: Now that you’ve left the SC, do you still watch their shows? If so, what are your honest opinions of them?

Jonty: yes I do watch were shows they are funny.

SS: What are your future plans for all of your YouTube channels?

Jonty: I need do more content like live streaming on YouTube more singing,more live streaming,more content and etc.

A Rift and Rebirth on YouTube

Forget Sydney Sweeney, Jonathan Hague is the true young star we should be following. When one door closed for Jonty, he didn’t just find another. He built his own. Leaving the Sheffield Crew was no small feat. It meant stepping away from familiar faces and ventures. But Jonty, ever the adventurer, was ready for his next chapter. And what a chapter it has been!

Launching his own YouTube channels (Jonathan SYFTL Supertram Main Channel and SYFTL Supertram Spotter) Jonty turned his passions into content. His videos? A blend of humor, honesty, and the unexpected. Whether he’s rambling about Sheffield’s Supertrams or refusing to show his video game screen, he keeps us hooked. Each video is a peek into his quirky world.

His snack taste-tests are legendary. Who knew watching someone munch on crisps could be so enthralling? And his rants about “naggers”? They hit a chord. Jonty’s blend of comedy and candor creates a connection. It’s like chatting with an old friend. You just get him.

But it’s not all laughs and games. Jonty’s move was bold. It showed his grit. Starting from scratch, he built a community. His fans aren’t just viewers; they’re part of the journey. And what a supportive bunch they are! They rally behind him, sharing in his victories and challenges.

This leap wasn’t just about making videos. It was about taking control. In his own space, Jonty thrives. He experiments. He expresses. He engages. His channels are more than platforms. They’re his playgrounds. And we’re all invited to play with him.

SS: You’re a big fan of supertrams, what got you into them?

Jonty: what I like about supertrams is that will be going public control that means stagecoach will be longer on supertrams thre be changes.

SS: What’s your favourite colour?

Jonty: my favourite colors is red.

SS: If you could have any superpower (other than super skin) what would it be?

Jonty: so my superpower is superpunch.

More Than Just An Entertainer: Giving Back

But Jonty’s story isn’t just about the spotlight and laughs. There’s a heart of gold behind the scenes. In between his YouTube fame, he’s doing something truly special. Jonty volunteers at the British Heart Foundation. Yes, that’s right. Amid his busy schedule, he finds time to give back. And it’s not for show. He genuinely cares.

This side of Jonty melts our hearts. It’s easy to forget that influencers have lives off-screen. But Jonty? He reminds us. His work at the charity shop isn’t just a pastime. It’s a passion. He’s there, week in, week out, helping out however he can. Sorting donations, chatting with customers, making a difference.

His fans adore this about him. It’s a rare glimpse into the kind of person Jonty truly is. Kind. Compassionate. Grounded. Fame hasn’t changed him. If anything, it’s made him more determined to help. To make his corner of the world a little brighter.

And let’s not forget the message it sends. In a world where we’re often caught up in our own lives, Jonty stands out. He shows us that giving back is cool. That caring is powerful. He’s not just an entertainer. He’s an inspiration.

Jonty’s work with the British Heart Foundation speaks volumes. It says, “I’m more than my YouTube persona.” It reveals a depth that many don’t show. In these moments, away from the camera, Jonty shines the brightest. He’s a reminder that at the end of the day, it’s not just about what we take. It’s about what we give back.

jonathan hague british heart foundation
Giving back is Jonty’s middle name.

SS: You have mentioned that you volunteer for the British Heart Foundation, which is a very noble thing to do and we all thank you for it. Do you think charity shops should put a greater focus on skincare to help poorer people look a bit more presentable?

Jonty: you welcome no charity shops shouldn’t focus on skincare they there own stuff

SS: Have you ever found a really valuable or interesting item when working at the BHF?

Jonty: Yes

SS: What was it?

Jonty: I get 25% off discount any interest items I want british heart foundation.

SS: Cool, but what was the most interesting thing you’ve found?

Jonty: All sorts.

SS: What was the best?

Jonty: Book.

SS: What was it?

Jonty: Sheffield.

SS: Nice.

The Skincare Ethicist

Now, let’s talk about something close to Jonty’s heart—and skin. His skincare routine. You heard right. Jonty is a big believer in taking care of his skin. And he’s all about doing it ethically. This isn’t just about looking good for the camera. It’s deeper than that. It’s about health, self-respect, and making ethical choices.

Jonty’s skincare isn’t a secret ritual. He shares his tips and tricks with his fans. From moisturizers to cleansers, everything’s cruelty-free. He’s showing us that being mindful about what we use on our skin matters. It’s a lesson in looking good while doing good.

His dedication to ethical skincare has won him even more admirers. It’s refreshing, really. To see someone in the public eye who doesn’t just go for the big brands. Jonty digs deeper. He looks for products that are kind not just to the skin but to the planet.

And here’s the kicker. Jonty’s skin? It’s flawless. That glow doesn’t lie. It’s proof that ethical skincare isn’t just a fad. It works. Jonty walks the talk, and it shows. Every time he appears on screen, he’s not just entertaining. He’s educating.

This part of Jonty’s life is a stark contrast to some of his early colleagues. Remember Lee and Kieron? Let’s just say they could take a leaf out of Jonty’s book. It’s not about pointing fingers. It’s about inspiration. Jonty’s showing everyone, friends and fans alike, that taking care of your skin is cool. And if it means switching to ethical products? Even better.

SS: Do you have any skincare hacks that our readers can try?

Jonty: I always keep my skin clean I go in shower or bath

SS: Since you love trams, trains, and other modes of transport, do you have any advice to give to commuters who often have trouble keeping their skin clean from fumes, pollution, and oiliness on their way to work?

Jonty: no

Male Grooming: Beyond the Surface

But wait, there’s more to Jonty’s self-care regime. Let’s dive into his take on male grooming. Yep, Jonty’s all about keeping it tidy and setting trends, not just following them. He takes male grooming to the next level. And it’s not just about appearances. For Jonty, it’s about feeling good in your skin, literally.

Trimming, shaping, grooming – he does it all. And he shares his journey, making it less taboo for guys to talk about. It’s kind of revolutionary in a way. Jonty breaks down barriers, showing that grooming isn’t just for the ladies. Men care, too. And they should.

SS: Male grooming is a hot topic, what’s your routine when it comes to shaving and body hair?

Jonty: I shave my beard and mustache not private parts

SS: So do you like having long hair on your private parts?

Jonty: Yeah

Jonty Hague gate
Jonty is opening the gate for men to embrace the grooming wave.


His openness about grooming has sparked conversations. Conversations that were long overdue. It’s not just about looking sharp. It’s about hygiene, confidence, and self-care. Jonty’s message is clear: take care of yourself, and the confidence will follow.

His approach is practical yet personal. He talks about the tools he uses, the routines he follows. But it’s the why that hits home. Jonty knows that taking the time to groom isn’t vanity. It’s valuing yourself. And that’s a message everyone needs to hear.

SS: Would you ever accept a sponsorship from a skincare brand for your videos?

Jonty: yes I would be accepted skincare

The Philosophical Supertram Enthusiast

Now, let’s take a quirky turn into another of Jonty’s passions—Sheffield’s Supertrams. Yes, you read that right. Our YouTube star has a thing for public transport, especially the Supertrams gliding through Sheffield. It might sound odd at first, but stick with us. There’s something charming about it.

Jonty’s videos on Supertrams are unlike anything you’d expect. They’re not just transport talks. They’re journeys through the heart of Sheffield, filled with stories, laughter, and sometimes, a bit of nostalgia. It’s this unique blend that pulls you in.

You see, for Jonty, Supertrams aren’t just about getting from A to B. They’re symbols. Of connection, of movement, of the everyday lives intertwining in the city he loves. Through his lens, we see more than trams. We see Sheffield’s soul.

And let’s be honest, who else could make public transport this interesting? Jonty’s enthusiasm is infectious. Suddenly, you’re not just watching a video; you’re on a tram ride with a friend. A friend who knows every stop, every line, and every story worth telling.

This quirky interest adds layers to Jonty’s persona. It shows a love for his city, a curiosity for the mundane, and a knack for storytelling. In a world where content often feels repetitive, Jonty’s tram tales are a breath of fresh air.

Moreover, it’s this ability to find wonder in the ordinary that endears him even more to his audience. Jonty teaches us to appreciate the small things, to look beyond the surface. In his world, even a tram ride can be an adventure.

SS: What is your biggest frustration with HS2?

Jonty: my frustration about when rishi sunak scrapped hs2 northern legs which is manchester leg and Leeds leg They got manchester leg back on map not Leeds leg but replaced hs2 to network North

SS: Interesting. Have you ever gotten so drunk that you’ve literally pissed yourself?

Jonty: so I don’t drink alot of alcohol I can drink 1 alcohol

Conclusion: Jonty Hague – A Modern Renaissance Man

As we wrap up our journey through the world of Jonathan “Jonty” Hague, it’s clear he’s not your average YouTuber. He’s a blend of entertainer, philanthropist, skincare advocate, grooming guru, and public transport enthusiast. Jonty’s multi-faceted personality shines through in everything he does, making him a modern Renaissance man of sorts.

What sets Jonty apart is his authenticity. He’s real, relatable, and refreshingly down-to-earth. From his heartfelt work with the British Heart Foundation to his candid discussions about public transport, Jonty embodies a new kind of influencer—one who’s not afraid to show his true colors.

His dedication to making a difference, both online and offline, inspires us. Jonty proves that fame can go hand in hand with making a positive impact. He reminds us that it’s okay to care deeply about the world around us and to take action where we can.

Moreover, Jonty’s unique interests, like his love for Sheffield’s Supertrams, add an unexpected twist to his content. He invites us to find joy in the everyday and to celebrate the quirks that make us who we are. In a world often filled with negativity, Jonty’s channels are a welcome oasis of positivity and fun.

So, here’s to Jonty—a true gem in the digital landscape. May his story encourage us all to pursue our passions, care for our communities, and, most importantly, to be unapologetically ourselves. Jonty, the world is your stage, and we’re all the better for it.


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