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Night Serum vs. Night Cream, Which Is The Better Option?

Are you wanting to treat your skin at the end of a long day but don't know where to turn? Choosing a good night serum or night cream may be exactly what you need.
Updated: November 9, 2022
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If you’re looking to give your skin a bit of tender loving care at the end of a hard day, you might be stuck choosing between a night serum or night cream. They both sound similar, but what are the differences, and is one better than the other?

About night serum

Firstly let’s talk about the qualities of a night serum. If your face is getting a little worn out, maybe there are some lines emerging or just some general dullness, a good serum will work quickly to alleviate those issues.

Being quite lightweight but making use of powerful ingredients such as Vitamin C and various acids, night serum can do wonders for replenishing that youthful glow back into your face. If used at night after you have removed any makeup or other facial products, the serum will work unimpeded to totally rejuvenate your skin, remove unwanted cells and dirt, and give you an overall wonderful look.

About night cream

Night cream has similar goals to serum but goes about achieving them in different ways. First of all, a cream is slower-acting than a serum due to its heavier and thicker consistency. Don’t be turned off though, the water-based cream is packed full of amazing moisturizing qualities that will clear up any dryness or unsightly wear and tear. Additionally, the cream is formulated with so many essential nutrients that will not only make your skin look better, but put it in a much healthier state for the longer term.

What are the differences between a night cream and a night serum?

Night serum is a lighter, faster-acting product that works quickly to penetrate your skin and do its job. In terms of its texture, it is thinner and doesn’t have as many moisturizing agents as a night cream.

Night cream on the other hand is slower to work, but may give a longer soothing effect. It is thicker and richer in its consistency and contains more water and hydrating elements. It’s a much gentler product than serum and can be used multiple times a day, whereas serum may be too potent to use more than once.

Which product is better?

This depends on what you want and how you live your life. If you want quicker results with an easier application process, serum may be the way to go. If you prefer to really indulge in your skincare and take a long time treating yourself, a nice thick night cream will give you that spa feeling that a serum simply cannot provide. It’s all subjective of course.

Final word

If you’re a busy on-the-go person, serum might be the product for you. It acts fast and has powerful acids that have a big impact. If you’re looking for a softer, kinder product, night cream can be used more than once a day and will soothe your skin with its natural moisturizing qualities.

From our perspective, we love both types of products, and we’d recommend you incorporate both into your regular skincare routine.

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