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Night Cream vs. Night Moisturizer, What’s Better?

What is better, night cream or moisturizer? This eternal question nags at everyone, so let's find out.
Updated: November 9, 2022
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There’s no better feeling than the refreshment of the skin after using a good cream or moisturizer. We can’t live without either!

But as we get older we may find ourselves gravitating toward certain products more than others for varying reasons. When it comes to night cream and moisturizer, which one is best?

Everything you need to know about moisturizer

What is a moisturizer? A moisturizer.. well.. moisturizes your skin. It really is that simple. Sometimes the skincare world can overcomplicate straightforward things, and in this case, a moisturizer is exactly what it says it is. Oftentimes during the day, especially if you’re rushing about in a highly urbanized environment, your skin will get dry, damaged, stressed out, and will need a bit of tender loving care. A good moisturizer will refresh your skin and replenish that much-needed hydration, leaving you feeling nourished and ready for the rest of the day.

Everything you need to know about night cream

A night cream is specifically designed to be applied in the evening. It has a rich texture that has the same goals as a moisturizer in terms of hydrating the skin and restoring nourishment. It is packed with vitamins, nutrients, and other forms of goodness that heal and boost your skin to look its best. It has a soothing feel which makes it perfect for evening use when you want to wind down.

What’s the difference between moisturizer and night cream?

In terms of the benefits each gives your skin, there isn’t a whole lot of difference. Both products essentially try and do the same thing – moisturize and hydrate. The only notable areas of difference lie within their texture.

Moisturizers are generally very soft and light products. They’re designed to be used on the go in any environment and work fast to tackle patches of dryness and roughness. They’re versatile and accessible, and usually on the cheaper side in terms of what you’ll be expecting to pay. They have a host of benefits for your skin.

Night creams lie heavier on your skin because of their thicker texture. This is because they are intended to be a slower-paced product that requires a bit more time and patience to get to work. Over the course of about 15 minutes, your skin absorbs the nutrients and ingredients within the formula and reaps the rewards.

Which one is better?

You can’t compare the two in terms of one being better than the other because their only real difference is their texture. Both do fantastic jobs at nourishing your skin and sorting out any dryness that might pop up. The only real determining factor is your personal preference, do you enjoy quick and easy-to-use moisturizers, or are you more of a sit-back and relax sort of person who wants to indulge in your skincare? The choice is yours.

Final word

Both moisturizers and night creams are fantastic products for giving your skin an essential boost. Depending on your preferences and lifestyle, you may find that one works for you more than the other.

We’d recommend having both in your daily skincare routine. A nice moisturizer for the day, and a rich night cream to unwind in the evening.

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