Dewy Kiss Lip Serum By Beekman 1802 review

Lips Don’t Lie: My Review of the Dewy Kiss Lip Serum by Beekman 1802

"It added a subtle, natural-looking shine that made my lips look fuller and more defined without looking like I was trying too hard."
Updated: August 23, 2023
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Hey, Speaking Skincare fam! Ariel here with another deep dive review into a product that has been making my lips pout lately.

Introducing the Dewy Kiss Lip Serum by Beekman 1802 – hailed as the first probiotic lip serum. With its minimalist and sleek design, it’s easy to see why this little gem has found a place in many makeup bags lately. And not just for its looks; it promises a high-shine gloss treatment packed with powerful probiotics for the happiest, healthiest lips you’ve ever had.

But does it truly live up to the hype? Stick around, because I’ve put it to the test, and I’m about to spill all the deets. Let’s get into it!


The Dewy Kiss Lip Serum by Beekman 1802 isn’t just another gloss. This little beauty claims to be a game-changer in the lip care category, introducing us to the magic of probiotics for our lips. At its core, it’s a high-shine gloss treatment, but what makes it stand out is that it’s designed not just to coat the lips but to repair them from within. Think of it as skincare for your puckers!

So, what does this glossy superstar promise? Here are its major claims:

  1. 3-in-1 Treatment: This serum doesn’t come to play; it comes to slay! It vows to hydrate, enhance our natural lip color, and give our lips that coveted shape and definition. It’s basically like treating your lips to a spa day, every day.
  2. Instant Softness: Anyone who’s dealt with dry or chapped lips knows the struggle. The Dewy Kiss claims to be a savior in these situations, providing immediate relief and softness.
  3. Shimmer & Flavor: It doesn’t stop at treating; it also beautifies. With a touch of shimmer for that extra oomph and a hint of natural vanilla flavor, our lips get both the nourishment and the glam factor.
  4. Non-Sticky Goodness: We all know that tacky feeling some glosses leave behind – but not this one. Dewy Kiss boasts of a non-sticky, non-greasy formula. It’s comfort and shine in one sleek package.

Beekman 1802 seems to have poured a lot of love and innovation into this product. But as we all know, what’s essential is how it performs in real life. Does it really deliver on all its claims? Keep reading to find out more about my personal experience with it.

One Month with Dewy Kiss: My Personal Experience

As soon as the Dewy Kiss Lip Serum arrived in its minimalist, sleek packaging, I was enamored. I’ve always been a bit of a lip care aficionado, so the thought of trying out a probiotic lip serum had me eagerly twisting off the cap and getting that first application in.

From the get-go, the texture was a pleasant surprise. You know that feeling when you apply a gloss, and it feels like your lips are coated in a thick layer of goo? Well, not with this one! It was lightweight yet oh-so-moisturizing. The gloss glided on effortlessly, leaving a luminous sheen without that heavy, sticky aftermath. My lips felt like they were getting a hydrating hug, and let’s be real; who doesn’t love a good lip hug?

Over the month, a few things stood out:

Hydration Station: Seriously, this serum wasn’t playing around. Winter had done a number on my lips, but within the first week, I started noticing a difference. My lips felt smoother, softer, and looked healthier. Gone were the days of painfully chapped lips.

That Subtle Glow: The added shimmer is truly a stroke of genius. On days when I wanted to go makeup-free but still desired a touch of glam, the Dewy Kiss was my go-to. It added a subtle, natural-looking shine that made my lips look fuller and more defined without looking like I was trying too hard. Numerous times, friends would ask, “What’s on your lips? They look so healthy!”

Flavorful Kisses: The vanilla flavor was a delightful little bonus. Not overpowering, just a delicate hint of sweetness that made me look forward to applying it.

One day, while rushing out for an impromptu coffee date, I left my house without my trusty lip serum. And oh boy, did I notice! Sipping on my cappuccino, I missed that protective, hydrating barrier and the sweet taste it left behind. Safe to say, the Dewy Kiss Lip Serum quickly became a staple in my daily routine.

All in all, my month with the Dewy Kiss was a journey of rediscovering my lips. They felt rejuvenated, looked plumper, and the cherry on top? Confidence in my natural look skyrocketed.

A Couple of Hiccups: The Not-So-Perfect Bits

While my experience with the Dewy Kiss Lip Serum was overwhelmingly positive, it wouldn’t be a genuine review if I didn’t share a couple of minor aspects that caught my attention.

  1. Reapplication Game: One thing I noticed was the need for frequent reapplication, especially on particularly busy days. If I was out and about, talking a lot, or sipping on drinks, the gloss seemed to fade a tad faster than I would have liked. Not a deal-breaker by any means, but for those on-the-go moments, I did find myself reaching for the tube more often than with some of my other lip products.
  2. Ingredient Sensitivity: While I had no issues with the ingredients, I did some research (you know me, always curious!) and noticed that certain ingredients, like Silica or Octyldodecanol, might not sit well with everyone. It’s always essential to do a patch test or consult with a dermatologist if you have particularly sensitive skin. But again, for me, it was smooth sailing.

Remember, skincare and beauty products are a deeply personal journey, and what might be a tiny hiccup for one person could be a non-issue for another. While these were my observations, they certainly didn’t overshadow the many benefits I reaped from this lip serum. And at its friendly price point? Well, it’s still a win in my beauty book!

Key Ingredients Breakdown

While the Dewy Kiss Lip Serum boasts an impressive and comprehensive list of ingredients, I want to spotlight a few that truly stand out. These key components not only form the backbone of the serum but also contribute significantly to its effectiveness:

  1. Ricinus Communis (Castor) Seed Oil:
    • Hydration Powerhouse: Castor oil is renowned in the skincare world for its ability to moisturize. It seals in moisture, ensuring that your lips remain plump and hydrated for extended periods.
    • Natural Shine: This oil also gives the product its glossy finish without that sticky feel. It’s a natural way to achieve that sought-after sheen.
  2. Mango Butter Dimer Dilinoleyl Esters/Dimer Dilinoleate:
    • Deep Nourishment: Derived from the seeds of the mango fruit, mango butter is known for its deeply nourishing properties. It’s rich in vitamins and fatty acids, making it a savior for dry or chapped lips.
    • Natural UV Protection: Mango butter also provides a level of protection against UV radiation, which is a bonus!
  3. Butyrospermum Parkii (Shea) Butter:
    • Ultra-Moisturizing: Shea butter is often hailed as a moisturizing miracle, providing immediate relief to dry skin, and in this case, lips.
    • Rich in Antioxidants: It’s packed with vitamins A and E, which not only nourish but also protect your lips from free radicals.
  4. Persea Gratissima (Avocado) Oil:
    • Rich in Nutrients: Avocado oil is a nutrient-dense oil that contains vitamin E, potassium, and other nutrients that can nourish and moisturize the lips.
    • Collagen Boosting: It’s believed to stimulate collagen production, which can lead to fuller, plumper lips over time.
  5. Caprae Lac (Goat Milk):
    • Skin-soothing Properties: Goat milk is known for its soothing properties, perfect for those with sensitive skin. It can calm inflammation and irritation, making it great for chapped lips.
    • Natural Exfoliation: The lactic acid present in goat milk acts as a gentle exfoliant, ensuring your lips remain smooth by sloughing off dead skin cells.

These ingredients, among others in the product, work in harmony to offer a potent blend of hydration, nourishment, and protection. It’s a blend that brings together the best of nature and science for your lips.

Would I Recommend It?

After a month of cozying up with Beekman 1802’s Dewy Kiss Lip Serum, I can confidently say that this little wonder has earned its spot in my daily skincare arsenal. From the deep hydration to the subtle glow, it’s a product that delivers on its promises. And those minor hiccups I mentioned? Well, no product is perfect, but this one comes really close.

Now, let’s talk numbers. Drumroll, please! 🥁 I’m giving the Dewy Kiss Lip Serum a solid 8.5/10. For its friendly price point and impressive ingredient list, it offers an unmatched bang for your buck. Whether you’re a lip care veteran or someone just starting out in the world of lip serums, Dewy Kiss is worth a shot.

Ready to give it a go? You can grab your very own Dewy Kiss Lip Serum over at Beekman’s official website, or check other select skincare retailers, both online and in stores worldwide. Go on, treat your lips to a little luxury. They deserve it! 💋🌺

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