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Is Any Hair Type Capable Of Waves?

Looking to get that cool beach bum look? Here's the deal with putting waves in your hair.
Updated: October 18, 2022
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When it comes to styling your hair, you have to first consider multiple factors. The most important of these concerns your hair type. Everyone fits into a hair type category that defines how their hair lies, grows, and acts in relation to certain variables. Particular hair types will determine how easy or difficult certain treatments or styles will be for you.

One of the most popular hairstyles around is waves. But can you achieve this with your hair type? Let’s find out.

The appeal of waves

Style is subjective, we understand, but waves have consistently been one of the most sought-after looks in hair-care history. If you want to look like you’ve just spent all day surfing the tide on a hot California beach, waves are what you want. It’s not just an aesthetically appealing style, but experts have said that pronounced waves in your hair connote vibrance and youthfulness. That’s enough convincing for us! But how do you get the look?

Getting the waves

The most traditional and widely used method for making your hair wavy is by using hot iron products or curling tools. There are literally thousands of different products on the market for this, but if used correctly these items can really transform your hair into something visually stunning. Here’s the rub though, if you have curly hair already, you may have to first straighten your hair before curling it again to achieve the waves. Annoying, we know.

Another key component is hydration. Like with many aspects of beauty, keeping your hair and skin hydrated is essential for ensuring it is healthy and in good enough shape to be manipulated and styled. You can use hair oils or specialist conditioners and shampoos to do this, and we’d recommend you do.

Can any hair type get waves?

The simple answer to this is yes! No matter what hair type you have, you still have the potential to style your hair with fabulous, luscious waves. The more nuanced answer is the level of difficulty involved in doing this.

Here’s the truth, if you have type 3 or type 4 hair, curly and tightly coiled respectfully, you will find it significantly harder to achieve a wavy look than type 1 and type 2. This is because curly and coiled hair requires more steps in the process to get the end result. As mentioned, you’ll have to first straighten your hair before you can wave it. It’s a frustrating process but waves are still very possible for you.

With straighter hair types, you can achieve waves easier if you keep your hair in a healthy state. Be sure to stay hydrated and moisturized, and use a combination of tools and texture products to get the look you want.

Final word

Don’t fret too much about your hair type and its ability to be styled the way you want. Where there’s a will there’s a way, and if you take all the right steps and use the correct products, you can get the results you desire.

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