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How To Use An Ultrasonic Skin Spatula/Skin Scrubber

Ultrasonic skin scrubbers are fantastic exfoliators that can provide many amazing benefits. Here's how to use them.
Updated: November 7, 2022
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For us regular people, there seems to be an endless and confusing amount of skincare products on the market. Which ones work? Which ones do the best job at X, Y, and Z? It can be super overwhelming and we often find ourselves crying out for help.

Ultrasonic skin spatulas/scrubbers are growing in popularity and being praised for their practicality. But what exactly are they, what do they do, and how do you use them?

Join us as we lay it all out.

What is an ultrasonic skin scrubber?

We’re glad you asked! Also referred to as skin spatulas, ultrasonic skin scrubbers are mechanical devices that use high frequency to extract oil and dirt from pores.

It works by using vibrations and ultrasonic waves to shake, loosen, and dislodge difficult patches of oil, dead skin cells, debris, and other muck. Essentially, skin scrubbers are powerful skin exfoliators that you hold in your hand. There are many variations of ultrasonic skin spatulas and not all of them deliver the exact same amount of waves or vibrations, so when choosing a product you may have to do your research on particular types and brands.

How often can you use an ultrasonic skin spatula?

We’d recommend treating an ultrasonic skin scrubber in the same way you’d treat any other type of exfoliator. When used too much, the skin can become irritated and inflamed, much like any other skincare product.

To get the best and most balanced results, we’d suggest limiting the use of an ultrasonic skin spatula to 1-3 times a week. Of course, if you have a more resilient skin type, you can adjust this to suit your individual needs, but as a general rule, it’s best to not overdo it.

The benefits of an ultrasonic skin scrubber

Using an ultrasonic skin spatula correctly can provide your skin with many amazing benefits. Here are some of the best.

  • Minimizes the appearance of pores
  • Exfoliates and cleans the skin
  • Gives the skin a deep cleanse
  • Can improve skin tone and skin texture
  • Primes the skin for further product use

Are there any negatives to ultrasonic skin spatulas?

As with everything in life, nothing is perfect. While skin scrubbers can provide huge benefits, there can also be drawbacks to using them too. Here are a few potential hazards.

Increased skin irritation

Generally speaking, and from anecdotal accounts from experienced users, ultrasonic skin scrubbers can irritate the skin in a bigger way than regular exfoliators. This will depend on the individual, but scrubbers may not be as gentle and therefore lead to redness, puffiness, and other forms of discomfort.


This may seem strange, but for some people, the results of ultrasonic skin spatulas are so impressive, that they decide to completely overuse the product and do their skin damage. No matter how positive the results are, you should always remember ultrasonic skin scrubbers are just another exfoliator, so go easy with it!

How to use an ultrasonic skin scrubber

Now that you know what an ultrasonic skin scrubber is, it’s about time you learned how to use one.

Follow this simple guide, and you’ll be on your way to better, healthier skin.

Damp your skin

Ultrasonic skin spatulas only work correctly on wet skin, so dampen your face before you begin. This is super important, don’t forget!

Use upward motions

When physically using the spatula, we’d recommend moving it upwards along the skin. For example, if you’re focusing on your cheeks, start from the jawline and work your way up. Similarly, if you want to target the forehead, begin at the brows and scrub up. This prevents dirt and oil from being mixed around the skin from multiple directions. Imagine you’re scraping a window, and so the same with your skin.

Take it slow

This isn’t a race, so calm down and take your time. The slower you move the spatula, the more effective it will be at dislodging tough dirt and oil, and it will actually help better with blackheads and other blemishes.

Continue your routine

Once you are satisfied that the ultrasonic skin scrubber has treated every area of your face, put it to one side and continue with your regular skincare routine. Whether that be moisturizing, cleansing, or using a clay mask, just do what you would usually do. You may find that the products work better on your freshly scrubbed skin.

Clean the device

To finish off, you must thoroughly clean the ultrasonic skin spatula for future use. If you fail to do this, the dirt, debris, oil, and dead cells that have been removed from your face, will likely be dumped back onto it via the dirty device. It will take 5 minutes and save you a lot of unwanted trouble.


Ultrasonic skin spatulas (or ultrasonic skin scrubbers, whatever term you prefer) can give you incredible skin benefits. They can use powerful waves to loosen tough dirt and oil and leave the skin looking as good as new.

Avoid overusing the device and always clean it properly to avoid future complications. Good luck and enjoy!

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