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How To Remove Eyelash Glue From Skin

Eyelash glue can be tough to remove from the skin. Follow our simple methods to wash it off correctly.
Updated: November 9, 2022
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It doesn’t matter how long you take to perfect your eyelash application techniques, eventually, the glue will go somewhere it wasn’t intended to go.

Lash glue can be super tricky to remove from the skin, much like eyebrow tint, and if done carelessly it can lead to skin irritation and discomfort. Thankfully, we have you covered.

Here’s our helpful guide on how to properly remove eyelash glue from the skin.

How to remove eyelash glue from your skin

Welcome to our quick and easy guide on how to effectively clean eyelash glue from the skin. We have pulled together a few different methods that we have tried and validated.

Just FYI, this article is solely focussing on removing glue from skin, rather than discussing how to remove fake lashes.

Okay, let’s get to it.

Method 1: Use natural oils

One of the safest ways to remove eyelash glue without irritating the skin with more chemicals is by using natural ingredients. Oils are particularly helpful in this area, as their natural qualities make them totally skin-friendly and excellent cleansers.

In our opinion, the best oils to use are coconut oil, almond oil, and extra virgin olive oil. Simply dip a cotton swab into the oil of choice, or if you have a bigger area to tackle pour some oil on a cotton wipe, and slowly rub the oil into the lash glue in a circular motion. Over time, the oil will dissolve the glue and detach it from the skin, allowing it to be properly washed away.

Method 2: Use steam

Perhaps an even more natural and effective method to remove eyelash glue is by steaming it off. This requires no products, no complicated application process, just a bowl, a towel, and hot water.

Boil the kettle and pour the water into a big bowl. Hold your face over the steaming bowl while trapping the fumes by covering your head with a towel, ensuring there are no gaps for the steam to escape. Keep the position for about 10 minutes, and the glue will gradually soften and be easily wiped off.

Method 3: Use eye makeup remover

If you want to keep things, even more, simple, you can go down the product route. Specialist eye makeup removers will do a good job in removing eyelash glue. They come in many forms, and you can take your pick depending on what sounds better for you, but they have both oil bases and oil-free formulas.

Simply follow the instructions on the packaging of the particular product and that trickly eyelash glue will be gone in no time.


Eyelash glue can be a bit of a pain to properly remove from the skin, but by using any of the methods listed above, the process can be swift and easy.

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