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How To Correctly Use Hair Serum

Hair serum has amazing benefits for your hair. Here's how to best apply it to get the best results.
Updated: November 9, 2022
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Hair serum is a silicone-based styling product that sits on the surface of your hair strands. Depending on your hair type and specific goals, hair serum has a host of effective benefits.

In this article, we’ll be taking a closer look at those benefits and discussing how to use hair serum to achieve the best results.

The benefits of hair serum

There are several fantastic benefits of using hair serum on a regular basis. Let’s take a quick look at them now.

Frizz control

Wild frizz can be an absolute nightmare. It’s usually a sign that the hair is damaged in some way, which is when action needs to be taken. Serum combats this issue by adding much-needed weight to the strands while helping to solidify the hair’s natural curl.

Smooth finish & shine

As the silicone in the serum coats the hair, it adds a pleasant layer of smoothness. This will improve the look and feel of the hair, making it more attractive and injecting a beautiful shine.

Damage protection

While serum has effective healing qualities, it can also act as a fantastic preventative measure against certain types of damage. The protective layer it forms over the hair can help reduce the harm caused by environmental dust, heat damage from styling products, and stress caused by the constant use of various hair products.

How to use hair serum

Hair serum is quite simple to use. Once you get the hang of it you’ll turn into a pro in no time.

Here’s a step-by-step guide.


To ensure the best results, clean your hair thoroughly and leave it damp.

Squeeze 1-2 drops of serum into the palm of your hand.

Apply to the hair. Work upwards from the ends of the strands to the top. Try to avoid directly applying serum to the roots, as this may make the hair greasy.

Be gentle during the application. Being too forceful may damage the hair.

Once you’re satisfied, use a comb to softly spread the serum throughout the strands until every area you want is covered.

Style your hair as normal.


That’s basically it! Give it a try a few times just to get in the rhythm.

What time is best to apply hair serum?

Taking notes from the guidance above, you should apply hair serum after washing but before styling. Think of it as the perfect middleman for your hair. The entire application process shouldn’t take longer than 15 minutes, but you can always take more time if you want to be more thorough.

Final word

Hair serum has many fantastic benefits for your hair. We’d recommend incorporating a good serum into your regular haircare routine to give your hair the best chance of remaining strong, and attractive, and to minimize the chances of damage.

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