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How To Care For Your Skin After Microneedling

Microneedling can have amazing benefits, but it also requires a lot of aftercare for your skin. We break it all down for you.
Updated: November 9, 2022
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Microneedling treatment is growing in popularity. However, like with any type of invasive procedure, finding the right way to care for the skin afterward is of the utmost importance.

How you manage your skin can be make or break. Avoiding as many side effects and forms of irritation is the name of the game.

Whether you’re a microneedling virgin or an experienced veteran, here’s how to best care for your skin post-treatment.

What is microneedling?

Microneedling is a clinical, cosmetic procedure that is designed to assist in stimulating blood circulation in the skin. The process is considered to be minimally invasive and takes several hours to complete. Most people opt into undertaking the treatment in order to reduce the prominence of scars and to improve collagen production within their bodies.

Since microneedling involves puncturing the skin repeatedly, much like getting a tattoo, the most important aspect is the aftercare of the skin. Failure to properly protect the vulnerable skin barrier in the days following can result in unpleasant and uncomfortable side effects.

Microneedling has big benefits

While microneedling is a major undertaking, both in terms of time and the large impact it can have on the skin, there are several fantastic benefits it can provide. Here are some of the best.

Treating hyperpigmentation

Hyperpigmentation is when the skin suffers from discoloration due to various factors. It can be unattractive and a blow to your self-confidence. Microneedling is a common method of tackling hyperpigmentation and sun damage. Over time, the visibility of these issues can fade, giving the skin more of an overall balanced appearance.

Fade acne scars

Millions of people around the world suffer from acne, and it can leave nasty scars and marks. Microneedling is a popular method of clearing them up. Again, much like hyperpigmentation, over time the prominence of acne scars can be diminished.

Minimize pores

Wide and open pores are an endless source of frustration for many. Those with oily skin experience blocked pores on a regular basis, which then usually leads to big breakouts. Microneedling can be a way of shrinking those pores to reduce the chances of them becoming clogged up, thus lowering the likelihood of painful spots and blemishes.

Soften lines and wrinkles

We all age (unfortunately), but that doesn’t mean we have to look old. Microneedling is a great way of fading those fine lines and wrinkles that have accumulated as we have grown older. With regular treatment, we can all look younger for longer.

How to care for your skin after microneedling

As we’ve established, microneedling is an invasive procedure that requires careful aftercare of the skin. There are several key aspects that you need to pay attention to in order to best protect your skin in the days following the treatment. Of course, your doctor should have detailed instructions that you can follow if you request them, and your home microneedling kit will also come with advice.

Here are some of the most important components for caring for your skin post-microneedling.

Avoid infection

After microneedling, your skin’s protective barrier will be weakened and vulnerable to outside forces. Because of this, you will need to do your best to avoid contracting infections to allow the skin to heal. It is generally recommended to use an antibiotic cream to cover the microneedled skin, as well as take simple precautions like washing your hands thoroughly before touching that same area. Additionally, refraining from activities such as swimming in chlorinated pools, going to saunas, and working out heavily is advised for at least 72 hours after the procedure to protect the skin from potential irritants.

Avoid strong skincare products

Certain skincare products are best avoided in the immediate term after microneedling. More specifically, harsh exfoliants like face scrubs, anti-aging products containing retinol, and potent ingredients such as vitamin C can all cause discomfort and irritation in the skin. After around 48 hours, you can begin to slowly reintroduce your regular skincare products back into your routine, but take it at a steady pace.

Sun protection

According to experts, it is recommended that you use strong sunscreen for at least 2 weeks after your microneedling treatment. Regardless of the weather, it should be applied to your skin before you go outside or spend any significant time in the sun. Again, the skin is in a vulnerable state and must be protected from sun rays as much as possible.

How long after microneedling can you use makeup?

Makeup is strictly not recommended to be used in the immediate period after a microneedling session. We understand the temptation will be there to cover and hide the redness of the skin, but this should be avoided. Makeup can penetrate the damaged skin, block pores, cause breakouts, and just generally inflict a lot of discomfort. We’d suggest waiting for at least 48 hours post-procedure before wearing makeup again, if not a little bit longer, as this will give the skin a suitable amount of time to heal.

In conclusion

Microneedling is an invasive process but it can provide wonderful benefits to the skin. However, the aftercare aspect is something that needs to be taken seriously, as the skin will be extremely vulnerable.

Always follow the advice given by your doctor or skincare professional.

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