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How Long Do Eyelash Serums Take To Work?

We all want the best for our lashes, but sometimes we get impatient. How long does it take for a good eyelash serum to work?
Updated: November 9, 2022
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We all want gorgeous, long lashes. Millions of people all over the world dedicate so much time to sculpting their eyelashes to give them the look they want. The industry is huge and growing all the time, just look at the market for fake lashes and you can see how large the demand is.

Eyelash serums are an incredibly popular product for lash health and stimulation, but how long do they take to work?

The deal with eyelash serum

Let’s refresh ourselves with an overview of what eyelash serum is. In essence, the serum works to restore nourishment and hydration to your lashes to help repair and prevent breakages. Using B-vitamins like biotin, serums give a strength boost to the important proteins like keratin that make up your lashes, giving them longevity and durability.

From an aesthetic sense, serum gives your lashes the shine and thickness you desire before going out to an event. It’s long-lasting and easy to use, and unlike castor oil lies lightly and softly on your face and gets to work quickly.

Why you should use eyelash serum

This is a simple answer – because it protects, strengthens, and gives your lashes a glow-up when they need it most. If you suffer from regular breakages or short, brittle lashes, a good serum can not only repair this damage but also promote thickness and boldness within the lashes themselves. If used in the morning during your daily routine, you can expect to have luscious eyelashes throughout the day without the need to constantly worry about topping them up in the office bathroom. We love these products.

Does Eyelash Serum Make Lashes Grow Quicker?

This is a very commonly asked question and rightly so. Many products are marketed as being able to promote hair growth, but you should take this with a pinch of salt. You can get the wrong impression with this topic because some companies would like you to believe that your lashes will sprout out of thin air if you only just use a serum.

Unfortunately, we have to be honest, there is no scientific evidence to suggest that eye serums on their own make your lashes grow any quicker or thicker. What they do best is make your lashes healthier, which they need to be in order to grow properly. However, a serum isn’t a magic bullet for instant growth, sorry.

How long do they take to work?

It depends on your goals. Do you want to repair breakage, or do you want to develop thick, luscious lashes that make everyone else envious? The answer is basically the same – use serum consistently and correctly on a daily basis, and you should start to see impressive, sustainable results in 2-3 weeks. This can vary based on the individual, but from anecdotal reports, this seems to be the general time frame.

Final word

Eyelash serums are fantastic products for strengthening your lashes and giving them that essential health boost. You can really fortify your lashes for long-term durability if you use a good serum on a consistent basis.

We believe everyone should incorporate eyelash serum into their daily skincare routines. Your eyes will thank you for it.

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