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Eyelash Serum vs. Castor Oil, Which Is The Better Option?

Serum or castor oil, which one is the best for giving you the thickest and strongest lashes? Stick around to find out.
Updated: November 9, 2022
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When it comes to having big, full, inviting eyelashes, many people rely on a favorite type of product. There’s no shortage of choice either, as the lash industry is booming right now. Everyone wants that smokey, seductive look.

But when it comes down to eyelash serum vs. castor oil, what’s the best option for you? Let’s take a look.

Everything you need to know about eyelash serum

To achieve and maintain those striking-looking lashes, you’ll need to strengthen them and the proteins that help create them. This is where eyelash serum comes in. They use healthy B-vitamins like Biotin which makes the main protein in your lashes, keratin, stronger and more durable. To nourish the eyelashes, a lot of serums will actually contain castor oil, which acts to moisturize your lashes and can help them appear thicker. More on castor oil later though.

The best time to apply eyelash serum is usually at the very end of your daily skincare routine. In the morning you should put it on as the final piece of the jigsaw so it doesn’t interfere with any other eye products, and in the evening you should use it after everything else has been washed off. This way you can ensure your lashes remain thick, healthy, and strong at all hours.

Everything you need to know about castor oil

Castor oil is a very common ingredient inside eyelash serums, but sometimes people opt to use it on its own in a purer, more natural form. The oil acts in a similar way to serum, it hydrates, moisturizes, and refreshes the eyelashes and sets them up for the day ahead. It’s a product that will improve your lashes on a foundational level as well as on an aesthetic level, and some people absolutely swear by it.

Okay, so what’s the difference?

We know what you’re thinking, these two products sound exactly the same. Well, in all honesty, they sort of are. But much like many similar items on the market, the only real key difference comes down to the texture of the product itself.

Eyelash serums are as popular as they are because they are very easy-going and accessible products that can be applied quickly without fuss. Castor oil on the other hand has a thicker consistency and lies heavier on your lashes, requiring you to spend a little more time managing it to make sure it stays in the right place. It’s harder to get up and go with castor oil and you may find yourself waiting around for it to properly sink in. If you have particularly oily lashes or skin, castor oil may inject too much extra moisture and you should probably opt for a serum instead.

Can serum and castor oil stimulate eyelash growth?

Some people believe castor oil specifically makes your lashes grow quicker and longer, but we’re sad to report that there is no scientific evidence to support this claim. This may be a case of anecdotal evidence from individuals or simply wishful thinking. We would love it if it was true, but we have to be honest here.

Final word

There’s not much difference between eyelash serum and castor oil beyond their textures, so there’s no product that is “better” than the other. They both do wonders for strengthening your lashes and hydrating them when they need it most.

As with many of these types of things, it all comes down to your personal preferences and lifestyle when deciding which product to use. Do you prefer quick and easy serums or the thicker more time-consuming castor oil?

Either way, your lashes will thank you for using any of these brilliant treatments.

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