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Does Hair Oil Promote Hair Growth?

We all want to grow our hair quickly to achieve the latest styles, but sometimes this is a frustrating and long process. Can hair oil be the solution?
Updated: November 9, 2022
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Our hair is one of the first things people notice about us, so getting it right the way we want it is essential. Whatever our hair type is, we seem to always want to make adjustments or change it up from time to time.

However for many styles to be possible it often requires hair to be a certain length, thus finding ways to grow hair quickly is one of the most searched-for topics in the haircare online space. Many people turn to hair oil, but can it really stimulate growth?

Here’s what hair oil does

Hair oil is a pretty simple product that acts to treat specific issues with hair. It is most commonly used to tackle breakage and dryness. We’ve all felt that awful straw-like texture whenever we dry out our hair too much from curling irons or straighteners, and hair oil is designed to inject much-needed moisture back into our locks.

Oils can also be used to soothe the scalp if it is feeling irritated or stressed. Breakouts and head pimples are super unpleasant to deal with but hair oil can lessen the chances of them occurring by nourishing the skin, scalp area, and strands of hair.

Can it help hair growth?

Here’s the part you’re looking for. While hair oil is a fantastic product for rejuvenating your scalp and hair follicles, there’s currently no evidence to suggest it promotes or facilitates hair growth. This is a bummer, we know, but that’s the truth.

However, the benefits of hair oil can contribute to a healthier hair environment that will remove any unwanted obstacles that stand in the way of sustainable growth. For example, the refreshment and healthy impact oils can have on follicles will make them stronger and cleaner. This is exactly what you want if you’re planning to grow your hair, but the oil itself will not make your hair grow any faster than normal. Hair growth is almost entirely determined by your genetics. Some people grow hair really fast, others do it slower. This is just something that needs to be accepted.

Final word

We’re sorry to say that if you’re wanting to grow your hair out faster, hair oil isn’t a magical formula that will achieve it. Oils are incredible for maintaining overall hair health, but they have no impact on the rate or speed that hair grows.

It’s always important to understand your genetic capabilities. Some people can sprout luscious locks seemingly out of thin air, while others have to play the long game. There’s no quick fix or miracle pill you can take.

To ensure your hair is in the best possible state for growth, always make sure to moisturize it when it gets dry, and feed it essential nutrients. Taking supplements such as zinc and magnesium will only help you get to this point.

We wish you luck on your hair growth journey. Don’t give up!

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