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Does Eyebrow Serum Really Work? Here’s The Truth

A good eyebrow serum can do wonders for your look. If you're wanting thicker and bolder brows, here's what you need to know.
Updated: November 9, 2022
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The way we groom our eyebrows can mean the difference between a perfectly proportioned face, or a beauty disaster. Getting those bold and bushy brows can determine our overall look, and our self-confidence to boost.

But how do we achieve this wondrous feat? Many people turn to eyebrow serums to sculpt their dream brows, but do they really work? Here’s the truth.

The reality of eyebrow serum

Before we continue, it’s important to dispel any myths or wishful thinking when it comes to the subject of eyebrow serum.

Due to aggressive marketing, many consumers have developed an unrealistic perception of what eyebrow serum is capable of. This is why you’ll see so many articles and videos online teasing the possibility that eyebrow serum can magically cause new hair to sprout through the skin and grow nice and thick in a short space of time. We regret to say, this isn’t the case.

There are currently no scientific studies that suggest that eyebrow serum can make hair grow quicker. This lack of empirical evidence may be disappointing for people, or even a surprise, but that’s the way it is at the moment. It’s always crucial to know what you are buying and what that particular product is able to measurably do. Yes, there may be anecdotal accounts online from individuals who claim a certain serum worked miracles for them. Still, these can be highly subjective and aren’t able to be properly evaluated.

Here’s what eyebrow serum CAN do

So, we’ve gotten the impossibilities out of the way, now it’s time to focus on what eyebrow serum can actually do.

The goal of brow serum is to boost the overall strength and health of your hair as much as it possibly can. Using potent ingredients like castor oil and keratin, the serum works to fortify and structurally support the brow hairs. With consistent usage, the eyebrows will increase their durability and flexibility, and in time, appear thicker.

It is generally considered true that the healthier your brows, the more likely it is that new hair will emerge that is already strong and vibrant. With this in mind, using a good serum on a regular basis will prime the brow area to allow positive hair growth. While the serum can’t create hair growth independently, it can help create a beneficial environment for new hair.

So, does eyebrow serum really work?

That depends on what you want to use it for.

As we’ve already discussed, if your goal is to grow brows quickly, you’ll ultimately be disappointed with eyebrow serum. The only thing that determines the speed of hair growth is genetics, and everyone is different in that regard.

Conversely, however, if all you want is for your brows to gain a health boost, look thicker, and become stronger, applying eyebrow serum on a daily basis will get you noticeable results in about 12 weeks. Powerful ingredients will work to bolster and enhance the hair that already exists while paving the way for new and healthy hair to grow in the future. What more could you want?

In conclusion

Eyebrow serum isn’t a miracle potion, but it can certainly invigorate and reinforce your brows to a high degree if used correctly.

We’d recommend incorporating a well-regarded eyebrow serum into your daily or weekly routine. Keep it up, and within a few months, you will definitely notice a vast improvement in your brows.

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