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Do You Need To Keep Using Eyebrow Serum To Retain Results?

When it comes to achieving that bold eyebrow look, getting great results may not be as difficult as retaining them. Here's what you need to know.
Updated: November 9, 2022
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Rome wasn’t built in a day. We all understand that in order for us to get the results we desire, we’re going to have to commit to a routine and schedule. Sometimes this is easy and enjoyable, I mean, who doesn’t enjoy the satisfaction of peeling off a face mask every couple of days? Sometimes though, we can let our standards slip and not be as regimented as we want to be.

Our eyebrows can define our entire facial look. They can turn a bland day into a fierce one, and the bolder we make them the more memorable an impression we make.

So how long do we need to use eyebrow serum to see the results we really want? And more importantly, what happens if we stop using it? Let’s find out.

Here’s how eyebrow serum works

In our pursuit to get thicker and bolder brows, you really could do a lot worse than using a well-regarded serum. Packed with potent active ingredients such as keratin, which is an essential protein that strengthens hair, and the popular castor oil, eyebrow serum works on reinforcing the very structure of the hair follicles. Over time, the serum injects rejuvenating moisture, and hydration agents, along with impactful vitamins.

All of these elements work together to support and invigorate the foundational framework of the brow hair, toughening it up to face daily challenges.

Eyebrow serum CAN’T grow hair quicker

Contrary to popular belief (or wishful thinking), eyebrow serum can NOT make your brows grow any quicker than normal. Besides anecdotal experiences from individuals, there is no scientific evidence to suggest a serum can grow hair on its own. The biggest factor that impacts the speed of hair growth is genetics, and on that front, everyone is different.

Consistency is key

As with many things in life, consistency is key. You won’t get abs by just going to the gym once a month, and the same philosophy applies to cosmetics.

With eyebrow serum specifically, you’ll need to stay on top of your usage and make sure your standards don’t slip. This is easier said than done, we get it, but if you really want those bold, bushy brows, there will be a time commitment involved.

The general consensus, both by experts and consumers, suggests that noticeable results should start to appear after about 12 weeks. This is enough time for the active ingredients in the serum to take hold and work their magic. The keratin should compound and strengthen the proteins in the hair, and the castor oil will continue to provide that nourishing hydration that keeps brows feeling and looking healthy.

What happens if you stop using eyebrow serum?

As you can probably imagine, the success of eyebrow serum largely depends on your consistency of use, but that’s not to say your progress will dissolve into thin air if you decide to take a break.

Obviously, any significant gap in serum application will have a negative effect on the brows. They will gradually lose their thick appearance, and their boldness, and may get a bit dryer as they aren’t getting as much moisture. This is to be expected, and if we can use our gym analogy again (sorry!), the body won’t look as fit or toned if it takes a break from working out for a while.

The good news, however, is once you have “broken in” your brows with a solid 12 weeks of serum usage, you probably won’t need to go as hard from then on. Lowering the number of times you use the serum in any given week won’t destroy your gains as you will have significantly strengthened your brows beforehand. You will have the freedom to only apply serum a few times a week instead of daily.

Final word

We’d always recommend consistent usage of a well-regarded eyebrow serum in order to see the best possible results. The process of retaining these results after the initial 12-week routine can be a balancing act, but through trial and error, it is entirely possible to maintain a solid level of progress.

Overall, eyebrow serum is a fantastic way to achieve those striking brows you’ve always wanted, while giving the hair itself a nutritious health boost.

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