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Do Neck Creams Really Work? We Looked Into It

Neck skin can age much faster than the skin on your face, so you need to take care of it with the right products. Neck cream might be the answer.
Updated: November 9, 2022
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One of the most overlooked areas in skincare is the neck. Most people are more concerned with their face, but when it comes to aging, the neck can form lines and wrinkles early and easily.

With all the anti-aging products on the market, it may be confusing and overwhelming to find one that’s designed for necks specifically. So do specialized neck creams actually work? We looked into it.

Why your neck ages quicker

We all age, it’s just a fact of life, but some areas of our bodies age quicker than others. The reason why your neck tends to form lines and wrinkles before most other areas is due to a couple of reasons. Firstly, the neck skin itself is very thin and more sensitive than your face, and it creases much easier due to the constant movement of the neck. Secondly, since the skin is so thin, collagen production slows down faster which removes the elasticity from the neck, leading to tightness and lines. Over time, your neck can sag, hang, or develop unsightly folds, so it’s super important to manage your skin as best as you can.

Do neck creams actually work?

Before buying and using a neck cream, you should take the time to honestly and critically evaluate the skin on your neck and determine what it needs, if anything. If you’re seeing a lot of lines, sagging and other visual cues, it might be time to give neck cream a try.

But does it work? Well, that depends on many factors. You need to find the right product for you, use it consistently, and make sure you are keeping your overall level of health up to standard to help the process along.

One of the most essential ingredients for anti-aging is retinol. Retinol stimulates the skin to produce collagen, which is responsible for giving the skin a youthful elasticity which can diminish the prominence of wrinkles. Find a neck cream with a good amount of retinol to give yourself the best chance of achieving results.

Next, moisturizing is absolutely key. When skin gets too dry and dehydrated, it can crack, develop lines, and just look tired and worn out. Neck creams have strong moisturizing qualities that can alleviate these stresses and get the skin looking as good as new again.

Finally, you can aid the effectiveness of neck cream by doing your part to protect your skin from harsh environmental elements such as sun rays. One of the most common reasons why skin ages quickly is because of poor sun protection. Always make sure you have applied adequate sun cream to your neck whenever you are out on a hot day.

Final word

Do neck creams work? Yes, if you use them correctly, and consistently, and put in the effort to protect your skin as a whole. It’s a process that requires attention and care.

We’d recommend experimenting with neck creams for a number of weeks and seeing if you notice any improvements.

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