Hydrating Serum By E.L.F Cosmetics review

Dewy Days Ahead: A Review of E.L.F Cosmetics’ Hydrating Serum

"Those tiny lines from dehydration? Diminished. The dullness that seemed ever-present? Banished."
Updated: February 12, 2024
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Ever found yourself wandering through the vast maze of hydrating serums, overwhelmed by the countless options and brands available? Trust me; I’ve been there!

Today, I’ll be diving deep into the Hydrating Serum, giving you my genuine two cents on how it worked for me, my personal experiences with it, and a deeper look into its formula.

Speaking of problems, lately, my skin has been feeling like the Sahara Desert, in desperate need of a splash of hydration. Enter: E.L.F Cosmetics’ Hydrating Serum.

As a beauty junkie, I’ve been a fan of E.L.F Cosmetics for quite some time. Their products have mostly been hits for me, so I was thrilled to give this serum a whirl.

I truly hope this review sheds some light on your hydrating serum hunt. And oh, just to sprinkle some truth tea on this – no one paid me a dime to say any of this! All opinions here are as genuine as my love for a good skincare routine.

Product Overview

The Hydrating Serum from E.L.F Cosmetics promises to lock in that much-needed moisture while strengthening your skin. Perfect for that lovely face of yours, it’s designed to be used daily for maximum results. And animal lovers, rejoice! This serum is cruelty-free.

With regular use, you can expect this 30ml bottle to last a good while. While it caters to a broad spectrum of skin types, always patch-test if you have ultra-sensitive skin.

As for E.L.F Cosmetics, they’re the talk of the town! I’ve been hearing their name pop up in so many conversations, and friends have even nudged me to try their products. The star ingredients? A cocktail of jojoba, aloe, vitamin E, grape, and shea butter. But stay with me; we’ll dive deeper into the ingredient pool shortly.

Did E.L.F’s Hydrating Serum Work For Me?

I’ve been on an unending quest, trying a cocktail of serums from various brands, each promising that youthful, dewy glow. But too often, they’ve left me checking my reflection with a sigh. E.L.F Cosmetics’ Hydrating Serum, though? It caught my eye with its simplistic elegance and the reputation of the brand behind it. I thought, “Could this be the one?”

From the very first use, the serum felt like a whispered secret between my skin and me. I remember that morning; my skin was parched, almost crying out for hydration. With a slight hesitation, I dispensed a few drops onto my palm. Its silky texture and the faintest, most comforting scent made me fall in love immediately. As I gently pressed it into my face, it was as if my skin drank it up, instantly feeling plumped and rejuvenated.

I recall the evening I had to attend a friend’s outdoor wedding. After hours of dancing under the stars, when usually my skin would feel tight and dehydrated, it surprisingly felt supple and refreshed. That’s the E.L.F Cosmetics’ magic for you!

Mornings became a joy, especially when I’d catch that soft gleam in the mirror, making me wonder, “Is that really me?” The transformation was subtle, yet undeniable. Those tiny lines from dehydration? Diminished. The dullness that seemed ever-present? Banished. Every application felt like a spa day, a moment of luxury in the midst of daily hustle.

But it wasn’t all rosy. On sweltering summer days, there were moments when I wished it was a tad lighter. Sometimes, after my gym sessions, I felt it took a minute longer than I’d like to be fully absorbed. Perfection might be too much to ask, but these little nuances made me tailor its use, depending on the day’s agenda.

At the end of my journey with E.L.F Cosmetics’ Hydrating Serum, it felt less like a product trial and more like a skin partnership. It’s not just another serum; it’s an experience, a memory etched into my skincare journey. Yes, it has its quirks, but don’t we all? Among the myriad of hydrating serums out there, this one has a special place on my shelf. It truly feels like E.L.F Cosmetics bottled a little bit of magic.

How I Used The Hydrating Serum

My best friend, Sarah, was over for a movie night. As we prepped for our skincare routine before the movie marathon, I handed her the serum, boasting about my new find. Her eyes lit up as she admired the packaging, saying, “This looks fancy!” And honestly, I couldn’t agree more. It’s the kind of product you’d proudly display on your dresser or even consider gifting someone on a special occasion.

But what truly mattered was what lay inside. As I poured out a small amount on the back of my hand, its luxurious texture became evident. It felt like a delicate, velvety touch against my skin, effortlessly gliding over every contour of my face. I remember that delightful cool sensation during a particularly hot afternoon; it was like a refreshing oasis for my thirsty skin.

There was this one instance during a weekend getaway in the mountains when the air was dry. My skin was begging for moisture, and this serum was my knight in shining armor. I applied a generous amount, and it felt like my skin was sipping on a hydrating cocktail, leaving it soft and plush.

On regular days, I played around with the quantity to see what worked best. While a few drops sufficed for humid days, I’d pamper my skin with a tad more during drier days or after a long flight. And with time, I figured out the perfect spot for the serum in my skincare routine – right after my toner, letting it sink in before sealing it with a moisturizer. Why? Because that’s when I felt its magic worked best, penetrating deep and prepping my skin for the products to follow.

Every time I used E.L.F Cosmetics’ Hydrating Serum, it felt like an intimate dance with my skin – a soft caress, a gentle embrace, and a promise of hydration.

Is The Hydrating Serum Worth the Money?

A common question about this product is whether or not it’s actually worth your hard-earned money.

In our opinion, it is worth the money, but there are other brands that offer better value (in terms of effectiveness, price, and size).

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No matter if you’re new to skincare or a seasoned veteran, you NEED to check out this brand. 

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Effective, ethical, AND value for money? That’s exactly what we want to see.

Key Ingredients

Ingredients are the soul of any skincare product. Knowing them helps you choose what’s best for your skin. Here, I’ll be decoding each ingredient of the Hydrating Serum for you.

  • water (aqua):
    • The primary solvent in cosmetics. It hydrates and provides a medium for other ingredients.
  • glycerin:
    • A renowned hydrator that draws water into the skin, ensuring moisturization and suppleness.
  • butyrospermum parkii (shea butter):
    • A rich emollient derived from the shea tree. Shea butter deeply moisturizes and helps to heal dry and cracked skin.
  • simmondsia chinensis (jojoba) seed oil:
    • Jojoba oil closely resembles our skin’s natural sebum. It provides hydration while balancing oil production.
  • vitis vinifera (grape) seed oil:
    • Extracted from grape seeds, this oil is rich in antioxidants that protect the skin from free radicals.
  • aloe barbadensis leaf extract:
    • A soothing ingredient known for its skin-healing properties. It helps calm irritation and hydrate the skin.
  • tocopheryl acetate:
    • A form of Vitamin E, this antioxidant protects the skin from damage and keeps it nourished.
  • sodium hyaluronate:
    • A salt form of hyaluronic acid that attracts and retains water, ensuring deep skin hydration.

Would I Recommend It?

The world of hydrating serums is vast, but this one definitely stood out for me. Given its fantastic results, impressive ingredient list, and E.L.F Cosmetics’ sterling reputation, I’d rate this serum 8.5 out of 10. Having tested numerous serums, this one definitely ranks among the most effective. I loved my experience, the results, and would recommend it to Speaking Skincare readers.

Want to get your hands on it? Check it out on E.L.F Cosmetics’ official site or leading skincare retailers.

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