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Can You Use Lip Scrubs On A Daily Basis?

Your lips need a lot of tender loving care, so is using a lip scrub daily a good idea?
Updated: November 9, 2022
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Nobody likes getting dry or flakey lips but at some point during the year, especially in the colder months, most of us will have to deal with them.

With so many products on the market that claim to leave your lips looking as good as new, where do lip scrubs fit in? Are they the solution to problematic lips, and how often should they be used?

How lip scrub works

Much like face and body scrubs, lip scrub works the same way. Filled with small stone-like particles, the act of rubbing the scrub on your lips allows it to wipe away all the dead skin cells that have accumulated on the surface. The exfoliating process soothes and cleanses your lips thoroughly, leaving a glowing, youthful pout behind.

A Scrub can heal your lips

If you’re dealing with excess chapping or dryness, there’s really nothing better than a good lip scrub to clear it all up. You don’t want to hit the dance floor with flakes or irritation plaguing your lips, do you? Staying on top of your lip health can be one of the most beneficial things you can do, and your lips will thank you for it.

Lip scrub helps with makeup

If you’re a big fan of wearing lipstick, using an effective lip scrub can provide a solidifying base that will make your color of choice really pop. Research has shown that using a lip scrub before applying lipstick will make your lips smoother and more receptive to supporting the additional layer. In other words, your lips become stronger and are able to hold onto the lipstick for longer, giving you a durable and beautiful look that you don’t need to worry about.

Are there any drawbacks to lip scrub?

Unfortunately, nothing is perfect. While lip scrub is fantastic for rejuvenating your stale lips, there are also risks involved with using it.

For example, due to the harshness of the scrubbing element within the texture, your skin could be exposed to scratching or mild damage if the product is used incorrectly. If you suffer from particularly sensitive lip skin or perhaps have severe cracks in your lips, we’d recommend using a more gentle moisturizer rather than a scrub to avoid potential harm.

Using lip scrub daily

Using a lip scrub on a daily basis will provide your lips with the injection of healthy vitamins and exfoliation they need to stay looking great. Whether you decide to apply it in the morning or evening, a consistent approach will only benefit your lips in the long term. We’d recommend incorporating a well-regarded lip scrub into your daily skincare routine.

Before we go

As we said, evaluate the current condition of your lips and decide whether a scrub is what you need. If you have deep cracks or sores, you should use softer products. However, for almost everyone else, daily use of a lip scrub will only benefit you.

Treat your lips right! xxx

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