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Can Eyelash Serum Be Bad For Your Eyes? We Look At The Facts

Eyelash serums are amazing for strengthening your lashes, but can they also harm you if used incorrectly? Keep reading.
Updated: November 27, 2022
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Your eyes are a sensitive and delicate part of your body and you need to take as good care of them as you can. But we get it, you want to enhance your look, you want big and bold lashes, and you’re applying all sorts of products to try and achieve it.

It’s always a good idea to look at the potential downsides of doing this and see if you can better protect yourself from possible side effects. So let’s dive in.

First of all, serums are great

Before we continue, we’d never forgive ourselves if we didn’t make it super clear that eyelash serums are broadly absolutely amazing at their job. If you want to not only make your lashes look better, but also give them an unquestionable health boost, serums are the way to go.

Once applied, they provide so many essential oils and vitamins to your hair that act to moisturize, hydrate, and strengthen it for future durability and flexibility. Using serum daily is the best way to secure your lash health for the long term. We’d recommend everyone incorporate a good serum into their daily facial routine. The good news for you is there are plenty of choices out there!

Nothing is perfect

With all that being said, there’s no such thing as a perfect product. We wish there was, but life doesn’t work like that. It doesn’t matter how well-made a product is, or how many man-hours have been spent constructing the formula, there will always be people out there who react negatively to it. We’re all different, and while the majority of cosmetic products have gone through extensive safety testing and are fine, some of us will experience side effects.

Eyelash serum has a number of potential side effects you need to watch out for. The first and most common of these are itchiness and redness. Sometimes your skin may be irritated by the mixture or texture and show visual signs of stress. Also, areas of your eyelids could darken a little if they don’t take well to that particular product.

Oddly, people have reported unwanted hair growth in weird areas of their eye area. I wouldn’t want to start needing to shave my eyelids, would you? Finally, some people have experienced a change in iris pigmentation, especially in lighter eyes. Always try your best to keep the formula out of contact with your eyeballs.

Is it dangerous?

While there are risks of several side effects as detailed above, none of these are particularly serious or anything to really worry about. Sure, skin irritation and redness can be really frustrating and unappealing to look at, but that’s all. Most of these side effects will go away on their own after a short amount of time, you just need to be careful not to inflame them more. It’s a game of maintenance and recovery.

Final word

Yes, eyelash serums can give you unwanted side effects, but don’t worry, your eyeballs are unlikely to fall out. Like with any cosmetic product, you should always learn how to apply it correctly to minimize the chances of adverse events on your skin.

In general, eyelash serums are brilliant products that can contribute greatly to lash health as well as your overall look. Don’t worry about complications, they aren’t serious, but still, take the right amount of caution.

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