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Body Lotion vs Body Butter, Which Is Better?

Body lotion and body butter are two of the most popular products on the market, but which one is better? Let's explore this essential question.
Updated: November 9, 2022
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It’s a question as old as time. We are constantly asked by readers as well as friends and family to delve into the minute details that define body butter and body lotion. What are the differences between the two? What do they both do? And of course, which one is better? The answer isn’t as concise as you might think, but it’s a valuable topic to explore as consumers are really feeling the body product vibes these days. Let’s get into it.

Here’s the difference between body lotion and body butter

The important thing to know about body lotion and body butter is they are both designed to achieve the same sort of results only in different ways. Essentially they are both moisturizing products, designed to revive and hydrate your skin, but we’ll get into that a bit further down. The only real key difference between body lotion and body butter is the actual consistency of the texture. Body butters are thick, creamy, and have a weightiness to them. Body lotions on the other hand are much lighter and have more of a watery feel. This is because of the ingredients they contain. For example, Shea butter, which is a common main component of body butter, is a particularly heavy moisturizer. Body lotion on the other hand will use significantly lighter moisturizing elements such as glycerin (or glycerine).

What do they do and how do they work?

As mentioned above, both body lotion and body butter are effective moisturizing products and they both aim to solve the same issues. Usually, people use body lotion/butter at certain times of the day, most commonly just after they’ve had a nice warm shower or bath. This is for a couple of reasons; firstly because at this time, your pores will be more relaxed, which makes them primed to receive a lovely cleansing moisturizer. Secondly, warm water from bathing can actually dry out your skin a little, so using lotion or butter can restore some of that water you may have lost. The two products use their hydrating abilities to restore the moisture in your skin.

The pros and cons of body lotion

Body lotion has great benefits. The first is it isn’t as thick or heavy as body butter, so you can apply it pretty liberally and not have to worry about smearing it on clothes or furniture when you begin to go about your day. An added plus to this is you can also take body lotion out on the go with you, so if you feel a bit of dryness setting into your skin due to environmental factors you can quickly apply a little and be comfortable knowing it will work for you. The disadvantages of body lotions tend to be subjective. For example, some people have noted slight skin irritations with certain products, but this could be totally dependent on that individual person’s skin situation and the specific ingredients of that particular lotion. Another disadvantage is body lotion isn’t as long-lasting or soothing as body butter.

The pros and cons of body butter

Body butter is packed with vitamins and omega-3 fatty acids, giving your skin a great health boost as well as hydration. It is also the perfect spa-type product that you can use when you really want to unwind on an evening. Since it is so thick, it has a soothing quality that you can really indulge in if that’s your sort of thing. In terms of negatives, you really have to spend time with body butter and clear your schedule for a while, whereas body lotion is much more flexible during the day. This all depends on your lifestyle and how you like to enjoy skincare rituals.

In conclusion, which one is better?

It completely depends on you. Both body lotion and body butter are fantastic products for moisturizing your skin, but they have differences in texture and longevity. If you enjoy relaxing and unwinding after a nice bath, body butter is for you. If you prefer to be on the go, maybe body lotion is better suited. Either way, they are powerful tools for fighting dry and dehydrated skin, and you shouldn’t overlook either of them.

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