Raspberry Burst Exfoliating AHA Lip Serum by Ciate London review

Berry Luscious Lips: A Real Review of the Raspberry Burst Exfoliating AHA Lip Serum by Ciate London

"Every morning, I'd wake up to lips that felt rejuvenated and supple, like they'd been sipping on a hydrating cocktail all night."
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Blair Fernandes here from Speaking Skincare, bringing you another luscious lip find that I’ve recently fallen head over heels for! Have you missed me?

Now, I’m no stranger to the tantalizing world of lip plumpers, but let me tell you – when Ciate London released their Raspberry Burst Exfoliating AHA Lip Serum, my curiosity peaked and my lips tingled with excitement. Not just because of the brand’s esteemed reputation, but the mere thought of raspberries, AHAs, and lip care all in one stylish red bottle? Sign me up!

So, was it a kiss-worthy experience or just another product on the shelf? Dive in with me as we explore every nook and cranny of this product. Spoiler alert: it’s mostly love with just a smidge of ‘hmm’. 😉👄


Riding the wave of AHA-infused products, Ciate London blesses our lip care regime with the Raspberry Burst Exfoliating AHA Lip Serum. For those of you thinking, “Wait, what’s an AHA?”, it’s a type of acid that’s all the rage in skincare for its gentle exfoliating prowess. Packaged in a voguish red bottle that screams sophistication, this lip serum promises to be more than just a pretty face.

It claims to seamlessly blend the power of fruit enzyme AHAs to tenderly smooth out your lips, giving them that coveted soft and plush feel. And the berry magic doesn’t stop there! The serum is also juiced up with moisture-rich berry stem cell extracts that vouch to rejuvenate and hydrate. So basically, it’s like feeding your lips a healthy berry smoothie, without the calories!

Furthermore, a special mention to those who love rocking their favorite shade of lippy: this serum is designed to set the stage. It preps your lips, ensuring a flawless application of any lip color. And for the skincare aficionados who live by the “treat your skin while you sleep” mantra, this baby doubles up as an overnight lip serum. Just remember though, with great power (read: AHA and PHA) comes great responsibility. Ciate London recommends, and I second, that you layer on some sun protection if you’re using this product during the day. The sun and exfoliated skin? Not the best BFFs.

In a nutshell, the Raspberry Burst Exfoliating AHA Lip Serum is a blend of exfoliation, rejuvenation, and hydration, all bottled up with the promise of delivering soft, sumptuous lips. Sounds dreamy, doesn’t it? Let’s dive deeper and see if it truly lives up to these berry-tastic claims. 🍓💋

My Month with Raspberry Burst: A Berry-licious Journey 🍓

The moment the Raspberry Burst Exfoliating AHA Lip Serum arrived at my doorstep, I was smitten. That chic red bottle was an immediate shelfie-worthy addition to my skincare collection. But aesthetics aside, I was eager to see if this potion could truly make a difference to my often-neglected lips.

Week 1:
Right off the bat, the lightweight gel-to-water texture felt different. It was neither too gloopy nor too runny, but I’ll admit, it took a few applications to get used to the consistency. My initial few days were marked by a slight tingling sensation post-application, thanks to the AHAs, but nothing unbearable. It was more like a soft tickle, a sign that the product was getting down to business. By the end of the first week, I started to notice my lips feeling softer and less flaky.

Week 2:
I had a Bumble date lined up (thank you, modern dating!), and I decided to use the serum as a pre-lipstick primer. To my pleasant surprise, my matte lipstick, which usually feels drier than the Sahara, glided on effortlessly and stayed put throughout the evening. No awkward patches or sudden dry spells. The serum seemed to create this smooth canvas that made my lip color pop and stay. The date went well, by the way, (though I think I can do better, oh well!) but I’m crediting the lip serum for the added confidence boost!

Week 3:
By now, the nightly ritual of slathering on the Raspberry Burst serum before bedtime had become second nature. Every morning, I’d wake up to lips that felt rejuvenated and supple, like they’d been sipping on a hydrating cocktail all night. An unexpected benefit? My usually chapped lips were now ready for those bold lip shades I’d been avoiding.

Week 4:
Throughout the month, I’d been pairing the serum with my favorite SPF lip balm during the day (as recommended). I noticed a significant improvement in the overall texture and health of my lips. They felt more resilient, even when I accidentally skimped on hydration or spent too much time in air-conditioned rooms.

Personal Highlights:
One memorable incident was during a girls’ night in. My bestie, always the observant one, asked if I’d done something different with my lips. When I spilled the beans about the Raspberry Burst serum, we spent a good part of the evening discussing it, and she’s now a proud owner of one too! On another note, I’m a bit of an ice-cream aficionado, and the fact that the serum stayed put through a gelato binge session was a win in my books!

To sum up my month-long rendezvous with the Raspberry Burst Exfoliating AHA Lip Serum, it truly felt like a nourishing treat for my lips. It wasn’t just about looking good, but feeling good from within. My lips felt pampered, loved, and ready to take on the world, one pout at a time!

A Couple of Berry Minor Hiccups

Alright, so as much as I’ve been singing praises for the Raspberry Burst Exfoliating AHA Lip Serum, no love affair is without its tiny speedbumps. Here are a couple of aspects I noticed during my trial:

The Consistency Learning Curve:
While I did grow fond of the gel-to-water texture, the initial days were a bit of a balancing act. The first few times I applied it, I either ended up using too much (making my lips feel overly slick) or too little (which made me question if I applied any product at all). It took me about a week to truly nail down the right amount that worked best for my lips.

Ingredient Watch:
Now, I’m no chemist, but diving into the ingredient list, I did notice the inclusion of Alcohol denat. While it didn’t particularly dry out my lips, I know some skincare enthusiasts are wary of alcohols in their products. It’s something to be mindful of if you’re someone with ultra-sensitive lips or if you generally avoid certain ingredients. But again, this is just me nitpicking and noting down everything for you lovelies!

In the grand scheme of things, these minor hiccups were just that – minor. They didn’t take away from the overall delightful experience, and in some ways, it made my journey with the product even more personal and memorable.

Ingredients Focus

Skincare is a lot like cooking; the magic often lies in the ingredients. While the Raspberry Burst Exfoliating AHA Lip Serum has a tantalizingly extensive list, let’s shine the spotlight on a few standout stars that make this product a true lip-care gem:

  • Glycerin:
    • What It Does: A favorite in the skincare world, glycerin is a humectant. This means it draws moisture from the air into your skin.
    • Benefits: Ensures your lips remain hydrated and soft. Especially crucial for a product that contains exfoliating ingredients, as exfoliation can sometimes leave the skin feeling dry.
  • Allantoin:
    • What It Does: Derived from plants, allantoin is known for its skin-soothing properties.
    • Benefits: Helps calm the lips, especially after the gentle exfoliating action of AHAs. It also promotes skin healing, making it great for any minor chaps or cracks.
  • Citrus limon (Lemon) fruit extract:
    • What It Does: Acts as a natural source of Vitamin C and also has some gentle exfoliating properties.
    • Benefits: Boosts brightness and can aid in evening out lip tone, giving your pout a fresher appearance. It also plays a part in the rejuvenating feel you experience after using the serum.
  • Ananas sativus fruit (Pineapple) extract:
    • What It Does: Pineapple extract is rich in bromelain, a mix of enzymes that have exfoliating properties.
    • Benefits: Enhances the serum’s smoothing action, helping to slough off dead skin cells to reveal fresher, softer lips.
  • Rubus idaeus leaf cell culture (Raspberry stem cells):
    • What It Does: This unique ingredient, stemming (pun intended!) from raspberry plants, has potent antioxidant properties.
    • Benefits: Provides protection against daily environmental stressors. It’s also responsible for the rejuvenating properties of the serum, giving lips a youthful vitality.

Remember, while these ingredients are the stars of the show, the entire ensemble works in harmony to deliver the results.

The Final Verdict: A Berry Beautiful Conclusion 🍓💄

As the curtain falls on my month-long experience with the Raspberry Burst Exfoliating AHA Lip Serum, I’m left with a newfound appreciation for lip care. The journey, though marked with a couple of teeny-tiny hiccups, has been largely delightful and rewarding.

From the beautifully designed red bottle that now graces my vanity to the noticeable softness and rejuvenation of my lips, this serum has carved a special place in my heart (and my daily routine). The transformation, both in feel and appearance, is something I genuinely hadn’t anticipated. And while no product is without its flaws, the pros here heavily outweigh the cons.

So, for my fellow Speaking Skincare fam, lipstick lovers, and everyone in between, is this a must-have? In my book, absolutely! Whether you’re looking to elevate your lip game or simply give your pout the pampering it deserves, this serum is a worthy addition.

Blair’s Rating: 🌟 8.5/10 🌟

Want to experience the magic for yourself? Grab your own Raspberry Burst Exfoliating AHA Lip Serum at Ciate London’s official site or keep an eye out at select skincare retailers worldwide. Here’s to lush lips and unforgettable smiles! 💋


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