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10 Reasons Why You Should Use Day Cream

Need some convincing on why you should use day cream every day? Look no further.
Updated: November 9, 2022
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We all know that day cream is an effective moisturizer that is especially useful in managing oily skin, but there are many benefits for people will all skin types if they use it on a regular basis. For us, we never leave our house without first applying a good day cream, and we feel the need to give you 10 reasons why you should follow our lead.

1. Prevent skin dehydration

When you wake up in the morning the likelihood is your skin will be quite dehydrated. After all, you’ve just spent 8 hours tossing and turning and putting pressure on your face with a pillow. You really don’t want to tackle the day before supplying your face with a much-needed dose of hydration. You’ll feel better and be able to tackle the day with confidence.

2. Slow down aging

We can’t turn back the clock but we can certainly slow it down. The powerful ingredients in day cream can help to smooth lines, wrinkles, and crow’s feet on your face to reduce the visual signs of aging. Who doesn’t want to look younger for longer? You should start to see impressive results within a few weeks.

3. Get that glow-up!

Using a facial moisturizer daily, or even multiple times a day in combination with a nice facial oil will give your skin a youthful shine and glow. Stand out from the crowd and let your radiance pop.

4. Repair that skin damage

Unfortunately, there’s no way to avoid skin damage in our hectic modern world. From sun damage to environmental dirt getting stuck to our faces, there are skin hazards around every corner. Using hydrating products such as day creams can help to refresh and soothe your skin and give it an opportunity to heal.

5. Experimenting is fun!

Sometimes it can be frustrating to walk into a store and see literally hundreds of different day creams lined up on the shelf. But here’s the thing, wouldn’t it be fun to try as many as possible in order to find the one that is best for you? Why don’t you buy a new one every week and do some experimentation? All in the name of skincare science.

6. Help with acne

Let’s be clear, acne is a medical condition and should be treated by a doctor. A day cream is not a cure for acne. However, if you are a long-time acne sufferer you can minimize the discomfort and symptoms by using a good moisturizer. The cooling effects can take some stress off your trouble spots and you may be able to get some relief.

7. Makeup works better

Believe it or not, applying makeup to your face after using a cream can help it glide on better. Women have reported that their foundation is more sturdy and the general process of putting on makeup becomes easier. Try it for yourself!

8. Moisturizing is for life not just for Christmas

Our skin constantly needs hydration. Without it, we will develop dry spots and possible flaking. This is why it’s best to make day cream an essential part of your daily routine. The longer you use it, the healthier your skin will be, which is especially important the older you get. Give your skin a head start and make sure it is always moisturized.

9. The blueprint

When you build a house, you need to lay good foundations. If you don’t, the house will fall down. Think of day cream in the same way. It primes your skin not only for the day ahead but for more skincare products to be added on top without clashing. It provides the integral building blocks for a great skincare regimen.

10. Feel the love!

Last but not least, the best thing about day cream is how it makes you feel. Everyone should go out into the world loving themselves and their skin. Life’s too short to be stressed out or down in the dumps, so get a good moisturizer and start to feel like the queen you are. Start today and never look back.

Final word

Are you convinced? For us, a great day cream/moisturizer is a no-brainer, and we can’t start our day without it.

Find the right product for you and feel the benefits.

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