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Should You Use Body Butter On Your Lips?

Your lips require the best tender loving care, so is body butter a good option?
Updated: November 9, 2022
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Everyone loves the calm, soothing effects of body butter, especially when you apply it after a hot bath once you’re home from a hard day at work. That feeling of hydration returning to your skin is almost unmatched as a sensation. We could go on all day, but we’re sure you understand.

However, there is a growing movement of people who are using body butter in more creative and innovative ways, most notably as a lip moisturizer. Is this a good idea, should you do the same, and does using body butter on your lips give any real benefits? We’re here to find out.

About body butter

Firstly it might be a good idea to clarify what body butter is and why it works so well, then we can see how it performs when applied to other areas of your skin. Essentially, body butter is a powerful skin moisturizer that works especially well on dryer skin. It typically has a thicker consistency than most moisturizers as the most common main ingredients tend to be Shea butter, coconut oil, and various other oils that come from a vegetable base.

How do you use body butter?

The most effective and satisfying way to use body butter is just after you have taken a warm shower or soaked in a warm bath. That will relax your skin and open your pours which makes it the perfect time to apply a generous scoop over different parts of your body. Once you have done that, gently patting yourself with a towel to clear up spots that are too thick while still retaining the moisture will help your skin really absorb the butter. If you have particularly dry skin, it is recommended that you use body butter on a daily basis to keep everything nicely in check.

Is body butter good for you?

It’s certainly great for your skin, especially if you suffer from dryness. There are also anecdotal reports that body butter, when used correctly, can help ease the symptoms of skin conditions such as eczema. Of course, you should always consult a doctor before undertaking any form of treatment for medical issues. In terms of vitamins, body butter, especially Shea butter, is actually packed with vitamins A, C, and E. These vitamins are amazing antioxidants that can benefit your skin tremendously in certain situations, such as when you’re spending a lot of time in the sun, as they offer a nice element of natural protection.

Using body butter on your lips

All current signs suggest that not only is body butter an effective product for lips, but it is also really beneficial for them too. It might seem a bit strange to say that you should apply a body product to your lips or face but since body butter is packed with so many good qualities and ingredients, it actually makes a lot of sense.

With the combination of body butter’s fantastic moisturizing elements, an abundance of vitamins, and the inclusion of healthy omega-3 fatty acids, your lips will be hydrated and protected from painful and unsightly cracks throughout the day.

If it gets in your mouth…

It is not recommended to eat any consumer skincare cosmetics, but since you can apply body butter to your lips it’s possible you’ll accidentally get some in your mouth. While there are some brands that produce edible body butter on the market, these products will be 100% safety tested for that exact purpose. We suggest erring on the side of caution just to be safe.


To sum up, body butter, especially Shea butter, has a lot of great benefits for your skin. With its mixture of vitamins, fatty acids and moisturizing qualities, body butter is an essential component of any skincare routine.

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