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How To Get Sticky Bubble Gum Off Your Skin

Nothing brings out our inner 90s kid more than blowing bubble gum, but getting it off our skin can be such a drag.
Updated: November 9, 2022
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Only cool people blow bubble gum, it’s a scientific fact. Trust us, we’re the experts. But nothing makes that coolness evaporate quicker than that bubble popping and shooting gum residue all over our skin. Instead of finding a mirror and trying to pick off every last bit like a pathetic specimen, we have some better ways!

Read on if you want to change your life.

What is bubble gum made of?

The ingredients of bubble gum, or chewing gum, vary depending on the different brands. However, there are some obvious ingredient types that are used across the board.

Gum base

It sounds obvious to say, but the main component of bubble gum is, well… gum. The gum base itself is comprised of elastomer, wax, and resin. It also contains quite a few synthetic ingredients such as polyethylene, which is also used in the manufacturing of plastic bags, and polyvinyl acetate, which is an ingredient used in PVA glue. So just remember that the next time you’re gomping away on one of those little sticks, huh?

Sweeteners & flavorings

No surprise here. That luscious strawberry taste is artificially added via sweeteners and flavorings. Without them, the gum would be pretty bland and nobody would ever buy it. There are so many sweeteners that exist it would be impossible to name them all, but some of the most common found in gum include corn syrup, sugar, dextrose, xylitol, and sorbitol.


Softeners are what give the gum the ability to retain moisture and encourage flexibility. A common softener used is vegetable oil or glycerine.

How to remove gum from the skin

Okay, you get it, bubble gum is made with a royal crap-load of strange ingredients, and you’re probably questioning whether you want to have another piece ever again. But, you’re here to learn how to remove it from your skin, aren’t you? Here are some easy and accessible methods.

Mineral oil

Pour ½ a tsp. of mineral oil over the gum area and gently rub it in for a couple of minutes. This will work to soften the stickiness of the gum so it can be safely removed from the skin without any further issues.


Vinegar is amazing, not only does it spruce up any meal, it has powerful cleaning properties. Simply heat up 1 tsp. of vinegar in the microwave for 5-10 seconds before applying it to the gum and surrounding skin area. It won’t take long to dislodge it and wash it away.

Peanut butter

You read that correctly. It’s time to fight sticky with sticky. Rubbing peanut butter over and around the gum will allow it to latch on and tear it off. Please take photos of yourself rubbing peanut butter all over your face and send them to us…

Anti-grease soap & warm water

Ah yes, the good old soap and water technique. Who would ever need anything else? Make sure you use anti-grease soap to mix with the water though, as the synthetic ingredients in the gum will need to be suitably tackled.


Yes, this is a strange problem to have, but you’re the one who clicked here! In all seriousness, gum can be a real pain to remove from the skin properly. With these simple methods, however, the process will be a bit quicker and easier.

Now go blow those bubbles!

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