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Day Cream: What Is It and What Are The Benefits?

We are firm believers that everyone needs a good day cream in their skincare routine. Here's why.
Updated: November 9, 2022
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Picture this, you wake up in the morning and are getting ready for a long day at the office. We bet you wouldn’t dare leave the house before grabbing a coffee, we certainly don’t! Well, try to think of day cream in the same way. For people who take their skincare seriously, day cream is as essential as caffeine, and it’s hard to imagine going about the day without it.

But what is it exactly, and what benefits will you receive from using it?

About day cream

There’s no complicated rocket science when it comes to day cream, it’s a simple product but serves an important service. In essence, day cream is a light but resilient face moisturizer. You apply it in the morning to ensure your skin is ready for the hours ahead, and generally, it remains effective until you come back home again. Pretty simple, really.

Know your skin

While day creams are straightforward products you should still take some time to determine your individual skin type to make the best decision when buying a tub. Examine your face in the mirror and see whether you have dry areas, oily patches, or any type of sensitivity. Depending on what you find you’ll have to search for day creams that are specifically formulated for whatever issue you are experiencing, for example, if you have particularly oily skin there are day creams made with that in mind. It’s always best to take this step so you don’t make any mistakes or waste your money on products that aren’t suitable for you.

The benefits of day cream

If you begin to use day cream on a regular basis you will notice strong benefits as time goes on. Since day cream is a moisturizer, the first thing you can expect to find is your dry patches will start to clear up and become much more hydrated. This is a godsend for people who embark on stressful morning commutes before a full day at work. In relation to this, the refreshment you will feel after applying day cream is a welcome relief from the environmental pressures you face from being out and about. Think about it, if you live in a city your skin is constantly exposed to fumes, pollution, and other toxins in the air. This takes a toll, but products like day cream can help to alleviate these problems.

Another benefit to day creams is the subtle anti-aging elements found in their formula. Containing a healthy dose of vitamins, day cream can help smooth wrinkles and lines by allowing your skin to absorb all its nutritional goodness.

Finally, some day creams have sun protection qualities like SPF that will definitely serve you well during the summer months. This is perhaps one of the most overlooked features in skincare at the moment, and it’s important more people use products that can go some way in shielding you from harmful rays.

The final word

There you have it. While day creams may not have the superstar branding or reputation of other skincare products, they work well as a practical tool to keep your skin healthy and nourished during your waking hours.

As said above, we never leave the house without two things; our coffee and our day cream, and we recommend placing a good day cream smack-bang in the middle of your daily cosmetics routine.

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