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6 Things To Put In Your Bath To Get Softer Skin

Adding some simple ingredients to your bath water can promote skin health and softness. Here's what we suggest.
Updated: November 14, 2022
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There’s nothing better than relaxing in a nice warm bath for an hour. Alongside the therapeutic benefits, and the amazing peace it gives us, baths can also be a great opportunity to treat our skin with the right products and ingredients.

In this article, we’ll be going through our top 10 bath essentials that can help to boost and refine your beautiful skin. Yes, we’ve tried and tested them all, and we can’t wait for you to enjoy their powerful effects.

Here’s what you should add to your bath to get softer skin. Let’s dive in.

1. Olive oil

Olive oil isn’t only great for cooking, but it can also be a huge advantage for your skin. Adding a cup or two of olive oil to your bath water will help to hydrate and smooth your skin.

This is because olive oil contains tons of healthy fats that can provide many healing properties to the skin. Olive oil can work to lessen the uncomfortable symptoms of acne, calm breakouts and inflammation, and minimize rough patches and dryness.

For a more direct approach, try rubbing olive oil on your skin before getting into the bath, as this will allow the oil more time to be absorbed into the skin.

2. Green tea

Green tea has a universal reputation as being super healthy, but its benefits extend far beyond drinking it. By soaking 5 or 6 teabags of green tea in your hot bath, the water will provide a wonderful health boost for your skin.

Green tea is a powerful antioxidant, and it is amazing at tackling harmful inflammation and stress in the skin. Soaking your body in green tea water will give your skin a great opportunity to soak in all of its goodness.

Give it a try, you won’t regret it.

3. Full-fat milk

No, you didn’t read that wrong! Milk, or to be more specific, full-fat milk, can be a surprisingly beneficial ingredient in your journey towards better skin health.

Full-fat milk contains some incredible ingredients. From healthy fats, protein, lactic acid, and vitamins and minerals including zinc and Vitamin E, milk can give your skin an entire range of benefits.

Lactic acid in particular is an alpha hydroxy acid that can work well to exfoliate the skin. Milky baths can soften your skin and promote youthfulness.

Take about 2 cups of full-fat milk and pour them into your hot bath for the best results.

4. Baking soda

This is probably something you would have expected to see on this list. Baking soda is well known as an effective ingredient for cleaning, and that’s exactly why it can be a valuable addition to any skin-softening bath.

More specifically, baking soda in hot bath water can help to neutralize the pH levels of certain skin patches, which can then help reduce the sensation of itchiness and other types of irritation.

The best part about it is baking soda is very easily accessible and can be found in most regular stores, so give it a go!

5. Coconut milk

Much like regular full-fat milk, coconut milk can have a similar set of advantages. More specifically, coconut milk can act as a super effective hydrator, which will help your skin retain vital water for longer, improving smoothness.

If our skin isn’t suitably hydrated, it can become dry, dull, and unhealthy. Adding coconut milk to your bath will definitely promote skin softness and vitality.

6. Oats

Oats in the bath? We know it might sound a bit weird, but oats can actually serve a skin-boosting purpose as well as being a healthy breakfast option.

To be more precise, oats are best suited to people with dry and itchy skin. Oats can extract a protective hydrating shield that wraps itself around the surface of the skin, as well as proving brilliant anti-inflammatory properties. These qualities work together to treat the skin, hydrate it, and give it the softness you desire.


There you have it! If you want to add things to your bath to give you soft and supple skin, the above suggestions can work really well.

Some of them might be left-field recommendations, but trust us, when combined with the warm bath water and plenty of time, they can all contribute to healthier and softer skin.

Do some experimentation and figure out what works best for you and your skin. Good luck, and enjoy!

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